Modified Plastic

2009, the recession caused by financial crisis and the situation is completely different hot automobile market anomaly, the Government encourages the consumption of good policy car and car to the countryside and other activities is has fueled results. As the automotive industry in recent years, the rapid demand for plastic, plastic industry and the automotive industry in China has become “a prospering harmed” trend. Plastics industry turning to plastic modification, use of lighter, stronger, better auto parts to ease high oil prices, auto industry slump.

Car HC plastic mesh News: Modified plastic is in polymer (resin) addition of inorganic or organic small molecules, through physical or chemical action, in order to give a performance (mechanical processing performance) or to a performance improvement. Such as toughness, enhanced by plastic, flame retardant, etc., made through modification of plastics has become a rare feature, and this one should be in the car and Home Appliances Field application and development of modified plastic potential of the most significant.

Modified plastics is the most important automotive lightweight materials, parts and components not only reduces the quality of about 40%, but also can reduce procurement costs about 40%, so in recent years, a rapid increase in the amount of cars. Automotive interiors are now basically plastic-based, “Plastic in” development is driving a car with modified plastics in automotive applications continue toward a broader field of innovation.

Then present the main applications in the automotive plastics modified what, and in automotive parts application where is it? Are interested Jiugen Xiaobian together collecting about it!

I. Nylon Nylon used car engines and engine parts around the main variety is GFPA6, GF PA66 Enhance the flame-retardant PA6 and other products. (1) automobile engine peripheral parts of the application: As the main components around the engine heat and vibration components, the components used in the majority of glass fiber reinforced nylon material. This is because the nylon has good overall performance, with the modified glass fiber nylon, the main performance is greatly improved, such as strength, precision products, such as dimensional stability are greatly improved. In addition, the nylon variety, easier to recycle and reuse, and low costs, these factors contribute to the peripheral parts of nylon into the engine ideal material. Intake manifold is modified nylon in a typical vehicle application, BMW of Germany in 1990, the first glass fiber reinforced nylon as raw materials will be manufactured in the intake manifold used in six-cylinder engine; after Ford and DuPont company Cooperation Together with glass fiber reinforced PA66-made intake manifold used in V6 engine, after the world’s major car companies have followed suit, modified nylon intake manifold is widely used.

(2) In the application of automotive engine parts. Engine cover engine decorative cover, cylinder head covers and other components are generally the preferred material of modified nylon, and metal materials, compared to the cylinder head covered 50% of case quality and reduce cost by 30%. In addition to engine parts, the car’s other components can also be used by forces reinforced nylon, such as oil filters, wiper, radiator grille and so on. October 2009, DuPont nylon resins for the first time applied to Denso’s new automotive radiator end tanks. The project is DuPont can Recycled plastic Key parts in the engine the first time around, innovative applications, material properties sufficient heat under the hood and the stringent requirements of chemical corrosion.

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Personalized Modified Car Should Concern Health And Safety – Car Modified, Modified Cars –

car modify
by Nazly

Has a modified car is a very fashionable thing, enough to allow themselves to be friends a hot figure. The popularity of private cars also pull the rise of development Cheyou Hui, make himself a popular figure among the riders, so their car into traffic in the most eye-catching landscape, as many owners of new pursuit. Related reading: Four Mistakes to buy a new car modification “flattered” modified world: close to Modified car You will be “Blind Man” it?

The face of industrial assembly line production of industrial products, publicity personality only modified. When talking about conversion, simple to use “modified” is difficult to generalize on the car owners personalize their requirements. Modified more often are considered more important than the mechanical properties of dumping upgrading, but now more accepted by the majority of owners are “cosmetic.” In order to facilitate description, may wish to sum up the two, called ” Decoration . “

As housing renovation to consider “load-bearing walls can not shift,” to pay attention to issues such as room air quality as Car Decoration is also to consider the mechanical structure and vehicle pollution. Whatever Zhang Xian own personality, to meet the individual needs, safety is the first principle.

Make cars more “wild” Power conversion Likely to result in some danger, so the owners are generally more willing to own your car for beauty. Such as car body stickers, a small car accessories, for leather seats, etc.. Many car owners may not realize that beauty has never been renovated in danger. Security should not be confined to the narrow concept of the traffic.

Who polluted the air inside the car

Lee these days always feel uncomfortable, easily tired, cold, he does not know what illness, to the hospital for a check, the doctor asked him whether the recent house renovation? Li suddenly remembered, he gave just buy new cars were “cosmetic.” Lee invited the officers examined the vehicle’s air quality, was found inside the content of harmful substances greatly exceeded benzene.

Now Auto Beauty Decoration extensive use of leather seats, Plastic , Rubber, adhesive agent material, the VOC content of vehicle greatly exceeded. Extensive use of air conditioning inside the car led to poor ventilation, hazardous materials inside a direct threat to the health.

Present, China’s only indoor air quality testing standards, not yet introduced interior air quality testing of the relevant standards. On the detection of air inside, the current general reference to a class of Type II architecture buildings and indoor air quality national standards. Currently testing for car decoration is more confusing, because there is no specific reference standard, resulting in not standardized, but also to suffer physical and mental health consumers. In addition, consumers car air quality is not very careful, the general thought about the housing decoration decorated, in fact, like cars and houses are also decorated, if not pay attention to material selection will bring harm to the human body.

Discussion for leather seats necessary? Present, in a model series, the leather seats as the more advanced configuration, are generally not in the basic model or the standard appears. Configured to buy a basic model of consumption has various advantages like leather seats, will have the first wife of the fabric surface seats, leather seats replaced with the idea. Leather Will be used in the production process chemicals, be sure to dress up front leather seats have to look at Leather Quality, within a limited budget, select healthier products.

“Runaway-type decoration,” the most important oil line security

For those not satisfied with the appearance of the fever-class owners to beautify the modification, let us dig to call “runaway-type decoration.” Owners of these runaway tendencies, their modification will change the way from the power system to the suspension system, exhaust system.

These modifications to their work, said the objective should be to optimize vehicle performance. Because domestic product converted almost all imported, and most are more mature conversion of foreign parts. On the other hand, in the assembly, these are actually modified parts manufactured based on the original vehicle specifications. Assembly of these parts to some extent modified to describe as the “building blocks spell” as easy.

The face of such a modified car accident easy conclusion, I believe that is actually converted to the parameter tuning of the level of personnel issues. Not able to do the whole car balanced and coordinated, modified vehicles will be a great risk of accident. For example, the most dangerous is not well coordinated oil line, causing spontaneous combustion vehicles. To improve the engine’s power to increase the hydraulic oil into the neglect of the capacity of the pipeline and the aging rate, it is a very dangerous thing.

Once modified, the vehicle speed becomes faster in the end the danger is not dangerous?

I believe that vehicle modification is a performance optimization, it can be said that the driver of the vehicle an enhanced control capabilities.

Modified not crash the “original sin”, which requires drivers to improve their corresponding control levels.

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Three Car Modified Hidden “security Trap” Bukebufang – Car Modification, Hiding, Security


Qibo Hui came to a close, but the topic did not end on the car.

At this show, which is a unique car, modified to attract too many visitors eye, it really cool people s heart shape, but the newspaper or would like to remind your car: change car, be sure to think twice. Because the interview by reporters a few days, found that modified cars behind, in fact, the three hidden “security trap.”

Modified car “Security trap” Bukebufang

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Trap 1: private power to change the engine

“As long as your car had a license, and now would like to how to change it no problem, we can make your Car Performance than upgrading a large portion of the factory! “In Qibo Hui D exhibition hall, a car service company to lay Mr. Sun told reporters that a” package vote. “He said, to improve vehicle performance, most notably in the engine a “modification”, as long as retain the original engine number, all were able to increase performance. He also promised to press, 250 horsepower engine through the “adjustment” can be achieved after the 350 hp.

This, vice president of Automotive Engineering of Jilin University Professor Song Zhuanxue that from a technical point of view, without permission is very difficult to increase the engine horsepower, because the capacity of the engine are limited, and after horsepower increase The energy generated will be larger, a little mistake, the engine will be scrapped.

Trap 2: increases random displacement

Reporter Qi Bohui site converted to an auto technician, after consultation, “that”, even as important indicators to measure the performance of automotive vehicle emissions, in their hands can change!

The modification technician said that only increased the car into the gas and the displacement, in order to meet the needs of automotive high-speed driving, so for this modification is to become a “motorcycle racing clan” essential step.

Song transfer is that the car’s displacement size depends entirely on the cylinder model, and according to the overall vehicle configuration, the size of the cylinder are generally fixed, so the size of the exhaust air flow rate and thus can not be altered. And Modified car Company called “increase the air flow rate and displacement” approach, in fact a performance of the car almost brutal force change, even if conversion successful, the overall coordination of vehicle and safety and there are also great potential threat.

Trap 3: Removal of part of the safety equipment

Modified in another car company’s booth, while a staff member told reporters that the company can change the car’s chassis for the customer, Bumper Model, change the circuit, the circuit layout, you can also restrict vehicle speed to remove some of the ancillary equipment.

This, Song transfer is that a car design from initial drawings to final finished product, manufacturers must go through the middle of numerous researchers rigorous testing and calculation of motor vehicles after the factory parts for all the arrangements and layout configuration are not any changes, but not at liberty to remove some security Automotive Safety Equipment. Changchun auto industry converted from the current situation, most of the operational level technical personnel employed or not reassuring.

Additional Words: Modified car either from the national policy level or from a technical level, will be divided into shallow water, deep water areas and restricted areas, on the topic of modified car owners are always able to attract the general interest, but the modification, after all, a high-tech project I remind the majority of owners: car modification, safety first.

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Modified Cars Modified Cars Should Pay Attention To Three Errors – Car Modification,

Modified cars modified cars should pay attention to three errors
With Modern Society of Automotive supplies types of more and more cars now more and more interested in car modification faithful. Negative effect and Precaution is shown a modified car, regardless of the cart, car, luxury cars, low-end cars have improved much exhilaration. Driving in the street, traffic in the car somehow converted traces do not change the general trend seems to have not keep up with the trend of the. However, the present modified car is not mature environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but not many really mature modified. Modification is not easily find a shop, a change of the exhaust pipe and mushroom head, suddenly able to achieve the desired result: significant increase in horsepower, speed, soaring. Moreover, if converted properly, but the same as destroying cars, such modification, you change or not change? Related Reading: Let car “with a single step Light” to see how the modified wheel tire How original and non-original brake conversion capacity to upgrade

Question 1: economy cars loaded plus tail, poor grip!
Destroyed truck: Miss Shao opening is a claw QQ, cars may be small, but as a different color, add a sticker, so opening the way is very eye-catching, very pull the wind. And Miss Shao returned to her Car Plus the tail. But just completed conversion soon, Miss Shao Tong in Beijing fast roads, I suddenly felt the car floating, very poor grip. Fortunately, not many vehicles on the road at that time, Miss Shao later described: Stop the car, I almost do not have a small life insurance.

Expert analysis: known as the “rear” more professional, it is called as the spoiler, more common in sports cars and sports cars. Now there are some common vehicles to fit the “tail” spoiler. Car traveling at high speed when the front vehicle will be divided into two parts air, the upper part from the vehicle passed through the lower part from the vehicle. The same time, the Department’s air car is longer than the distance through the lower flow through the air, one can imagine, the vehicle is less than the lower part of the upper air pressure, thus creating a pressure difference from the bottom up. Extreme cases, the vehicle can offset the lift generated by vehicle weight equals a total loss of vehicle suspension up and grip, this is a high-speed vehicle is a very dangerous thing.

Question 2: change vertical exhaust pipe, noisy!
Destroyed truck: Ma easier route into the car straight row, which came out from the exhaust manifold, remove the catalyst section and the tail row, directly to the exhaust into the air, so that the discharge effect is good, but noisy. Mr Ma said: vibration sense when traveling in the car more visible, “Like car-like ride Leap.” In addition, there is no emission of treated waste directly cause serious pollution, this is the error of the exhaust pipe modification.

Expert analysis: an exhaust pipe of excellent design takes a considerable cost to complete. Significant modifications in the engine did not do the premise, only to replace the exhaust pipe, in effect, is less clear. Nowadays, many people also replace the exhaust in the tail section, will be removed catalytic device, this will increase the emissions, the environmental protection of the position we are opposed to this practice. In addition, the choice of exhaust pipe, the muffler tube size is one of the priorities. Typically, the muffler tube is also larger for the ideal noise control, the other hand, the smaller the exhaust noise silencer tube will be larger, but also with the noise suppression exhaust pipe material, pipe barrel and silencer design is closely related to cotton materials .

Also, some owners believe that installing a large diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, this is a misunderstanding, the replacement of the exhaust pipe can be said to enhance the power is negligible, particularly For some small-displacement naturally aspirated car. On the contrary, large diameter exhaust tail pipes for low-speed torque loss of considerable impact, but more smoothly at high speeds the exhaust of the Power Improvement is helpful.

Question 3: too strong a fire, injury Spark Plug !
Destroyed car events: running the engine ignition system’s role is in any engine speed and engine load different, at the right time can provide enough voltage to spark plugs to produce enough to ignite the mixture inside the cylinder The spark for the best engine combustion efficiency. But Mr. Zhao was driving less than six months because of the spark plug ignition system is too strong to be abandoned.

Expert analysis: There are car owners prefer to replace the strong high-pressure discharge silicon wire and spark plug, which can enhance the ignition has indeed many, but to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know how to match; excessive ignition on spark plug will cause a certain degree of damage. Modern spark advance device has been replaced by computer-controlled engine management computer to collect engine speed, intake manifold pressure or air flow, Throttle Position, battery voltage, temperature, detonation and other signals, calculate the best angle of ignition timing advance, and then issued a fire signal to control ignition timing purposes. Ignition system modification is to make up for lack of the original ignition system, the modified goal is to reduce the magnetization time, increase secondary voltage, lower flash over voltage, an increase of spark time, reduce the transmission loss.

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Modified Car Car Family Desire To Change The Standard Blank Out Of A Gray Area – Car Modification

car modification
by Sicnag

Modified car legal norms family expected the situation, there seems to way to go.

Newspaper reported recently called “drag racing” the car the status of tribes and their thoughts, expressed their modified car obsession and longing on the order standard management. Recently, the reporter received feedback Jimei traffic police: to achieve this goal, there are still some problems.

Traffic police in Xiamen Jimei quite considerable change vehicle Aiju Zu, objective attitude, especially on “drag racing” family want quiet, not disturbing the site for health Car Cultural movement that understanding and support, they are very willing to guide the coordination. However, the traffic police said that all the modifications to the extent permitted by law.

“Road Traffic Safety Law” Article 16 provides: “Any unit or individual shall assemble motor vehicles, or unauthorized alterations to the structure of registered motor vehicles, construction or features. May not change the vehicle type, engine number, chassis number or vehicle identification number. “appearance on the body be modified or upgraded power system behavior, are unlawful. Modification of vehicles from the roads is illegal, but not through the annual inspection. In test vehicles, vehicle management agencies, once found to be illegal modification of vehicles, in addition to vehicle owners immediately changed back together, it will also give a fine, penalty deduction card. Some vehicles are modified

has been involved in vehicle engine, transmission ratio of vehicle safety performance, is not allowed. Hope the traffic police to make a few: 1, modified to the extent permitted by law; 2, modification is completed, immediately change processed; three legitimate conversion, should indeed focus on safety, not disturbing factor.

Learned, adapted to the three large private car-based: The first appearance of the modifications, including replacement of logo, colors, open Skylight Increase before and after the bar, luggage rack, after Tail And Tire Wheels, chassis and other upgrades; second part of the modified vehicle, including steering wheel, sports seats and instrumentation equipment and change down to increase audio materials, etc.; Third, dynamic system upgrades, including Exhaust , Turbine and other transformation, use of engine power and design of the gap between the actual power to make instantaneous displacement increases.

Some modification enthusiasts said that currently, most of them stay in the transformation of non-movement system. However, by the foreign effects of conversion of private cars in major cities nationwide loving forces in the ascendant, Modified car Market is still booming.

A fan, said the rapid expansion of the market forming a huge contrast, Modified car 10 years of development, China actually not the appropriate management, there is no corresponding regulations, many business operators license converted almost all ” Auto Parts Business. “Furthermore, there are areas in the domestic car modification, car modification and identification of technical standards is also empty, the quality and safety of the modified no way of evaluation, the vast majority of insurance companies for compensation after dangerous condition of modified cars are limited to the original vehicle. Thus, the original car’s appearance, structure or power system reform are at risk, must have a professional level of modification before they can “strike.”

And like the rest of the country, Xiamen, no traffic police special action when the organization, regulation against illegal cars. Some people began to call the modified legislation or modified car is a gray area in our country is not conducive to the healthy development of car culture.

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Note Do Not Blindly Modified Car Modification

Recent years, the car has been modified car owners pay close attention to the hot topic, after a period of time after use, car owners on the Car Will be gradually revealed the dissatisfaction, but replacement vehicle has been the limited financial resources, does not seem realistic, so they make up for car conversion has become the most economical means of defects.

But according to an investigation shows that domestic cars are not mature and a modified environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but the real mature modification is not common. Once the frequent problems after conversion, we had more losses than gains. Therefore, experts advise that all should not blindly follow the trend, with the correct concept of conversion itself than the modified vehicles become more important. For the current conversion Market Details on several prominent expert made the following suggestions:

Wish for wide-base tires, please consider thin

Conversion market to replace China’s current Tire More because the original tire grip and drainage is bad, based on Travel Security will replace a good quality tire, first of all we should be sure that the first concept is modified to be more secure.

In fact, the original production of vehicles and, based on cost, fuel consumption and price considerations in many aspects, in many parts and materials used had reservations; course, if the original owner of the security provided in accordance with the data driving such as speed, speed limits, etc., in the security of course will not have much problem, but once beyond the limitations of original, it can not guarantee. In addition, some car owners to beauty, to tires and wheels to do two or even three of the upgrade, it is undeniable that such a change in appearance to increase the visual effect, but to increase vehicle fuel consumption and mechanical wear and tear. So this is all due to replace the tire before the cognitive.

Converted car body beware of injury

For rigid body and chassis structure, poor poor vehicle, car owners usually install the rod to reinforce the lack of rigid body; and sometimes modified anti-roll bars and replacement shock absorbers, to strengthen the chassis structure. Indeed, installation of roll bars can inhibit the body roll, but too thick anti-roll bars, driving in the fierce parade, there were in danger of tearing sheet metal body parts. How to choose the right anti-roll bars, in addition to their need cognition, or to carefully choose an experienced stores.

Some vehicles original suspension is too soft, so hard that some car owners prefer to replace the shock absorber, and the body down very low, as if the whole car is like lying on the floor. To know the body is too low not only in the large gap between the ground can not drive, and very easy to damage the chassis parts; the transfer of shock absorbers too hard, not just body jumping will be very serious, over time, the body sheet metal parts will produce distorted, so a good shock absorber should be moderate hardness.

Power conversion to vary by vehicle

The most popular car converted to a number of power conversion. Many car owners always feel that car is not quick enough, but make the vehicle speed has improved, the only way is to proceed from the power side, the most common is the replacement of high-voltage wire, spark plug and exhaust pipes.

Replacement of strong high-pressure discharge silicon wires and spark plugs, the ignition is indeed able to enhance many, but too strong for the piston will cause the ignition of a certain degree of damage. Moreover, a variety of advertising effects really put it magic, to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know with.

The most popular non-exhaust pipes, modified parts must go, it seems to install a large diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Replacement of exhaust upgrade for the hp can be said to be minimal, especially for small displacement of natural gas vehicles into it, obviously you want to feel the horsepower of the upgrade is very difficult.

Fact, want to improve dynamic performance, the most effective way is to start from inside the engine, such as the increased bore and stroke, the cylinder internal polishing, throttle polishing, replacement of forged pistons and connecting rods and so on.

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