Expert Analysis: Vehicle Modification Of Four Common Elements – Conversion – Automotive Repair And

In fact, there is no fixed model car modification, so long as to be able to change according to their own imagination, to install on it. This is a culture, a spirit, a kind of enjoyment, but also an understanding of the car. In the conversion process, the owner can understand the basic performance of the car, control car and engine areas more knowledge. Related Reading: Germany, the latest modified Ferrari EDO Enzo [Photos] Increase the Sport Kit Lorinser Mercedes-Benz SL sports car modification (Photos)

Modified car are three factors: the economic strength of the owner, modification and automotive parts supply annual evaluation system. Many people have started working to their own Car Installation of new tricks, but still rare in professional internal alterations. Conversion means that cost is too specialized, small Market And low adaptability.

Converted vehicles in two ways: wearing new clothes, law and law in lamb’s clothing. In Car body Posted many good signs for the new car is like wearing the same impressive fashion, this is “The Emperor’s New Clothes”; now pop a “wolf dressed in sheep’s clothing” modification approach, the car’s engine, high-performance driving system improvements, and look a bit fixed. The event of the same model car, can immediately show the performance difference.

High flow air filter: Engine air filter is to filter the air required to operate the engine in the petrol engines have this device, in the eyes of play vehicles, the original car’s air filter is installed into the gas shortage may have suspected . Therefore, people have modified intake system to play car practice.

A lot of people think that high-volume air filters provide high-speed operation of the engine when the air flow rate is different, in fact, this view is not very accurate. Because the size of gas into the intake will not be modified to change devices, as long as the engine displacement does not change, air flow rate will not change unless the use of turbochargers. The principle is that the engine using vacuum Deputy pressure, so that outside air into the cylinder itself, but because the air through the filter into the cylinder, so the resistance of the air can not enter the same pressure to the outside world, and because the air is inertia, Therefore, modified air filter is a crucial step. Modified by the actual test engine running at high speed, Power Increase the engine running smoothly, speed feels good.

Expert opinion Install high flow air filter as far as possible away from the engine. Airflow into the engine temperature as low as possible, only low temperature can have a high density; the same time, the oxygen content also increased slightly.

If no suitable space around the engine installation, you can take with partitions separating the engine and filters.

Ordinary air filter modified with different prices for different models in between 350-800 yuan float. 10,000 km to 30,000 km need cleaning or replacement, maintenance or replacement price.

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Car Accessories for the Complete Modification of your Vehicle

When it comes to car accessories, you basically find two categories in front of you that are known as interior as well as exterior accessories. There are different types of accessories and aftermarket products available in the market, which you can install in your car considering your needs. For instance, if you are planning to upgrade the interior of your car, you should look for accessories like seat covers, audio video systems, interior lighting, mats, etc. On the other hand, exterior customization accessories include rims, tires, spoilers, hood scoops, mirrors etc. There are parts available that will help you to give a desired look to your vehicle. For instance, if you are planning to give a sporty look for your car, you can look for top end accessories.

You will be able to spend as much as you like for making your car comfortable as well as attractive. When you are planning to modify or upgrade your car, the first you should do is to look for a good auto accessory dealer. Apart from buying the accessories from the showrooms, you can also install aftermarket products in your car. However, you should make sure they are of the best quality.

There are also different types of accessories available in the market for your car’s engine, which will enhance its performance. As you are using parts for upgrading your engine, it is very important to use the best quality. In case, if you are using any low quality or cheap products to upgrade the engine, it may not able to give you the best performance. Therefore, when you are selecting a dealer, it is very important to look for a reputed one.

There are also many specialists operating in the market, who will completely upgrade your car, which include the interior, exterior and engine. This will improve the comfort factors, performance as well as visual look of your vehicle. When you are looking for the best quality Car Accessories, make sure you taking some effort to do a thorough research.

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