Wells Fargo Modification Hardship Letter

One of the most difficult companies to get a loan modification from is Wells Fargo, also known as Wachovia. They are very stringent in their rules and unlike other lenders who are very open to modifications under the new federal plans devised by President Obama, they do not allow many modifications. One of the most crucial parts of your application when you apply for modification to Wells Cargo is the hardship letter. This letter is the most important part of your application with any lender but with Wells Fargo, it is almost more important than the application itself. There are a few basic rules which you need to comply with when you type out a hardship letter to any lender and it has to be even more perfect in case of Wells Fargo. Some of the aspects to be included in the hardship letter are:

1. You should provide a plausible explanation of your current situation and the hardships that you are facing because of some unforeseen event that has recently transpired. This should be a true recollection of events which have affected you financially and it should be able to convince the lender.

2. Completely explain the events which led to your present financial hardships. There should be no lies included in the letter as the lenders have their own set of verification methods. Even if they have a tiny bit of doubt that you are lying, then they will reject the application.

3. Include everything in the hardship letter. There should not be any beating about the bush. The rate of interest which you want and expect should be clearly mentioned in the letter as there is no point in making a sly connotation to the same. In this way, the lender will come to know that you are serious about making this work and keeping your home.

To learn more about how to write a Wells Fargo Modification Hardship Letter that gets successful approvals, visit http://www.mortgage-modification-loan.org/loan-modification-hardship-letter where you’ll find a simple 3-step system for writing your hardship letter easily.

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Wheel and tire upgrade the technical requirements modification – tires, wheels, conversion – Automotive repair and maintenance industry

Big shiny wheels, wide tires exaggerated, exciting life “people” shaped tire tread, these are all of the most powerful car parts keep returning, of course, the most important vehicle parts. Several years ago, car stickers and bumper stickers were another “big siege” are considered to be modified in different age, and car modification industry in Beijing quietly grow, the owner of their cognitive level of constantly improving, the real conversion gradually been accepted, including tire and wheel upgrade is converted fans the focus of concern, both in visual effect, or function, the tire wheel is the most direct.

General competitive flat tires used less than in 50, and are single-oriented patterns of tires, good drainage properties, grip is not bad, a few years ago the popular Beijing Goodyear’s F1 series is part this type of tires, and F1 has a huge cool “people” shaped pattern, a classic at that time. Now have more choices, Yokohama’s A539 series, Michelin’s PilotSport series, BFGoodrich’s a gForceSport series, etc., recently the rise of a non-symmetrical pattern of the tire, the middle of this pattern is oriented around both sides of the groove side of the drainage, the side of the grip, especially on rainy days when the results are very good corners.

Whole tire upgrade is simply to consider three aspects:

First: The upgraded tires and the original tire size should not vary too much, you must meet certain safety standards.

Second: pick a tire for true to their pattern, not the blind pursuit of beauty.

No. 3: Be sure to see the origin of the tire, do not select a number of so-called parallel imports.

Upgrade tires there are many misunderstandings:

First: that the tire wheel can be infinitely greater. Generally speaking, the current car tire manufacturers configuration is more reasonable, taking into account comfort, safety and power, small-displacement engines, such as the 1.6L car unless the following were generally not very strong driving force for refitting and conversion The total original tire diameter 3 cm or more difference in the tires, or at worst increase in fuel consumption and speed up the weak, while in the direction of home to play dead when Cengdao the inner wheel arch, and even lead to abnormal tire wear and positioning inaccurate. Here is one formula for calculating the total diameter:

Total diameter = tire diameter wheel (inches) * 2.54 + flat tire width * ratio * 2

Such as tires for the 185/60-14 tire overall diameter = 14 × 2.54 +18.5 * 0.6 * 2 = 57.76 cm, you can dress up for the 195/50-15 tires (total diameter of 57.6 cm).

Second: Only choose a pattern that the more complex the pattern, the better grip. What patterns are in fact not “bald” tires is the best grip on dry ground tires, tire contact area, the strongest grip. However, the wetlands that are the most dangerous tires, rain tires to use this, as in skating, as brakes and steering will be null and void. In rainy areas, select the tire tread must drain of good. Select the best way to tire tread tires consulting professional conversion stores.

Third: select a number of parallel imports cheaper plan. Foreign tire manufacturers to produce some of the surplus or defective products are cheap smuggled to China, these products are authentic quality with a difference of more. Best tire brands to choose their place of origin of production of tires, do not select a small country of production of OEM products.

Tire choice right, following the selection of a beautiful wheel, and nice wheels add much color to make your car, you can also get matching larger brake discs and brake calipers. But please pay attention to selecting the most important condition is the hub of the wheel hub modified to meet original factory specifications Hub

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Best way to modify your car’s sound system

Music can be a great accompaniment to the driving experience, whether you’re just looking for something to ease you into the morning on the trip to work or you’re taking the family out on a road trip and want some appropriate sing-alongs.

The evolution of digital music formats has transformed the music industry over the last decade, but cars have been slower to keep up with the times – meaning that even if your car is only a few years old, its sound system could make it appear much older.

Sound systems are noticeably inferior in cars older than 10 years, and while a hissing radio may have been acceptable in the 1990s, today’s drivers and music lovers demand superior quality from their car stereos. An even more pressing issue is that many cars lack compatibility with iPods and other MP3 players, instead featuring CD players that are less suited to today’s music consumers. And if your car still has a cassette tape deck; that really marks it out as a relic.

Replacing your car stereo with a new one that offers improved sound and compatibility with MP3 player docks will make it easy for you to listen to your favourite music in your car, just like you would on your personal stereo. Unlike other car maintenance that requires professional handling, such as car window repairs, replacing your stereo can be done just as easily at home, and when you buy a new stereo it should come with everything you need.

Safety is paramount when installing your new sound system. Make sure the car’s electricity is switched off before you attempt to remove the old sound system, and remember that your stereo may be connected to burglar alarms to prevent tampering – so you’ll need to enter your security code if prompted. Expect your stereo to be fixed firmly into your car, meaning you might need to take out a few screws and replace them when you slide your new sound system in. You should aim to buy a sound system that’s as close to the size of your original as possible, to avoid unsightly gaps.

The most important component is the wiring harness, the plastic connector for your speaker wires that’s essential for turning your car into a surround sound music machine. When it comes to your speakers, spending a little more can lead to a significant increase in sound quality, especially if you desire the distinctive bass sound that can only be achieved with a subwoofer.

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Car Maintenance Can Not Be Ignored Avoid Modification 25 (figure) – Car Maintenance, Car

Car Hands and feet, that can improve vehicle performance, and realize that such vehicles would bring great harm to itself, the following 25 taboo is the most should be avoided.

1. To change a large exhaust?? Reducing exhaust back pressure, low-twisting fall, the engine exhaust valves will be easily destroyed because of high temperatures.

2. Loaded mushroom head?? Lower into the air inertia, low-twist will decline, increased fuel consumption, low powerless.

3. Plus a balance bar, horizontal bar?? Local vibration is more severe, will permanently damage the body.

4. Converted audio, plus subwoofer?? Subwoofer would be unknowingly exaggerate the volume of the owners of hearing damage, high-power sound often makes the circuit overload work, easy to burn switch, causing a fire.

5. Plus gasoline, lubricating oil additives?? Fuel oil line cleaning will dissolve the impurities in fuel filter plugging directly after the nozzle, oil additives, oil is only applicable to moderate burn the old car, plus any new car into heat and can cause severe wear.

6. Enlarged Tire ?? Initial weakness, slow acceleration, steering wheel activity sector accelerated wear.

7. Retrofitting more rough ground?? Lead to high voltage line is not normal, shorten the Fireworks Cypriot life, sometimes the computer will be chaos, fuel consumption increases.

8. Car perfume?? Almost all chemical fragrances, toxic, corrosive interior plastics are brittle, a long time will somehow burst, much of the health hazards. Card in the air conditioning vent perfume bottles often cut off air outlet guide film.

9. The car door and other noise?? Noise can only be a vehicle to complete the production process to do, can not be tamper with. And the principle of silencing complex, not the results posted there, this is offset by the acoustic balance problems. Often separated the door you will hear the engine noise is more obvious sound of the engine compartment will result in abnormal noise sound more messy car.

10. Chassis sealed plastic?? 99% of the original cars have this at the production, and are thick enough. Up will be chaotic spray should not be sealed under the seal of the chassis where the consequences of such only after Service Discovered.

11. Change headlight?? Increase the lamp power will be directly over the original design of the temperature values, it will melt a few days burning lamp bowl reflective layer, more and more dim light, because light bowl is completely reimbursed. The headlamps are now transparent synthetic material cover over the temperature will begin to turn yellow and gradually produce an article of small cracks, lamp current will slowly burn big headlight switch circuit, causing a fire.

12. Sealing glaze?? 100% scam, it is just hard wax and the like, need to use high-temperature solution will light, this process will cause paint overheating internal injuries.

13. Interior leather waxing?? Leather class has minor pores are infiltrated can no longer anything to clean out, stitching is a hit not even think about washed out after the wax.

14. Glass of water ?? Specifically what material I do not know, will harden wiper rubber, but also in the glass layer deposited on the film, will leave after the failure of a piece of the uniform.

15. Rear window stickers Solar Films?? Are printed above the rear window film circuit, once the foil will never be torn apart, when the Solar Films failure need to be replaced, a tear will tear the printed circuit board, the whole block in the rear window is almost abandoned.

16. Tire filling nitrogen, plus self-complementary glue?? In the air is 70% nitrogen content, nitrogen is not inert gas, in other words: is the money making of. Since the complement of limited tire glue, tire balancing side is damaged, corrosion wheels and tires.

17. Great surround?? Super sports car-like ground clearance to drive only in the super-highway, surrounded by a large majority of non-original, soil may dregs neither fish nor fowl did not say, you first broke a few expensive, still can not find to parts of parts, only pretend to be up, since every day should be careful when it will fall to the encounter collision, the nursing of these non-original parts of your lives will produce great harm.

18. Carbon fiber hood?? This is the most terrible conversion, when the original cover of the collision stage of deformation can be bent up, and the conversion will be directly inserted into the glass cut pieces of your head.

19. For car steering wheel?? Not the airbag, if also too lazy to tie seat belts, 40KM MOMO collision will be a hit among the screws on the soon died.

20. Installation of rain gear?? Attention to safe driving, plus rain gear will make the blind spot larger.

21. For a computer chip?? Generally only lift the protection of the electronic speed limit, but the power upgrade is to make the torque can not be improved ,0-140KM’s speed remains the same, without distinction, to see the difference be 230KM later.

22. E-speed throttle?? Engine oil lubrication system takes time, when the speed increased by more than lubricant oil supply rate, cool a few times you have to prepare to dismantle the engine compartment clean and overhaul.

23. For platinum spark plugs?? Put something any new spark plugs new power is definitely an improvement, whether it is expensive platinum or a few dollars, and for this reason is not contaminated insulation of the new spark plugs good for a few days later Tone played back together.

24. Pressurization wipers?? May sound reasonable, use of air pressure can increase the wiper brush cleaner. But wait for you to open to 100 km per hour will find that the fundamental deformation windshield wiper will be kept fixed brush, wiper motor gear is also rounded soon be scrapped.

25. Paste crash block?? That there’s really nothing, a Zhanshang Qu equivalent to the four corners are bumped your car, and stick failed to exercise stringent or automatically drops down when you see the four corners of The paint is a powerful glue paste the corrosion off color.

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Inventory Of The Worst Domestic Common 4 Diy Car Interior – Car Decoration, Car Modification –

car modification
by photo

Everyone can be different want their cars, many car owners like to make greater efforts in the interior areas. After some face-lift, your car in the end is different, or neither fish nor fowl? May wish to present the most terrible four kinds of DIY Car Decoration to each inventory!

Bad taste first: inexpensive chassis lights
Common stock of the worst domestic DIY car interior 4
Domestic chassis lights we have ever seen, almost all modified cars flaw.
This dazzling and garish red, green and blue light bar, there is a small salon or a small roadside Hotels Will be used, not only full of sex means that, also quite cheap and the gas fraction. Haohao De car, if you fear that other people taste joke, do not redundant!

Second grade bad: ugly body stickers
Common stock of the worst domestic DIY car interior 4
Fact, confused individual if they want more car, car sticker is the most simple and effective method. Owners who could network and professional shop to buy a car decoration fashion, beautiful sticker, attached directly to the car body is still relatively cute.

Yet still some people, like the kind of rustic-style tattoos, stickers get in the car, not only in color with no beauty at all on, and Young and Dangerous-style design is posted on the Chery QQ It is silent … … can understand the feelings of these owners would like pretending to be cool, but please also weigh in the first car and the aesthetic standards of their own, right?

Third grade bad: bad car perfume
Common stock of the worst domestic DIY car interior 4
Many people bought the Audi, the crown such a good car, you have to give coupled with a bottle of perfume golden car: not the God of Wealth is the ingot, not the ingot is the crown, not the Crown is the fortune of mahjong dice … … heart, all too clear ah! these car perfume bottle material itself, the poor are also not to mention tacky style, the most “pathetic” is obviously the cost of only a few dollars, cheap perfume, but have to carry a “French high-grade perfume “in the name of the first sold at 100 yuan. Poor taste those flavors, far behind the supermarket to buy a home in Hong good news will do … …

Fourth grade bad name: the front of the Legislative Standard
Common stock of the worst domestic DIY car interior 4
Whether millions of Porsche, or a few million small cars, as long as your car, would the same care as a darling baby. In this vein, I am very understanding. However, many owners prefer to follow the example of Rolls-Royce, Mercedes-Benz of these high-end cars, to establish their own cars to be a standard … …

Personally seen Huachen Jun Jie and Chery Oriental Son of the car’s head, bristling impressively a rusty car has been marked, but not the car you can fool people in the past, assuming that met the professionals, the owner of the image is greatly reduced.

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Household Appliances And Modification Of Plastic Raw Materials – Plastic Raw Materials Used In Home

A wide range of household appliances, their use can be divided into: kitchen appliances, home appliances, audio-visual appliances, air conditioning type electrical appliances, medical fitness, and other types of electrical household appliances. Plastic materials used in home appliances, about 90% of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics rest; in thermoplastics, the most common plastics, such as: PP, PS, PVC, PE, etc.; engineering plastics are mainly used in ABS, AS, PA, PC, POM, PPO, PPS, PET, PBT, PMMA, LCP, PEEK, PSF, PUR, etc.. Thermosetting plastics usually include Bakelite, amino plastics and epoxy resins.

Recent years, PP has good overall performance for the price low, density and other characteristics of home appliances become the largest and fastest-growing amount of plastic varieties. Especially in recent years the development of alternative high-gloss ABS PP has received a large number of applications. PP is mainly used in household appliances production of washing machines in the internal and external tube, base, dehydration barrel, cover, TV shell, back cover, fans of the shell parts, refrigerator door lamps, transparent drawers and microwave ovens and other small Appliances shell pieces. At present, the amount in household appliances account for about 30%.

PS in the past mainly for the production of home appliances and transparent parts, and now was more for foam packaging materials; HIPS is often used to make refrigerator doors gall bladder, boxes of vegetables, meat tray, ice boxes, TV, computers, tape recorders, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones, keyboards and other household appliances in the shell, audio tape boxes, keyboard. In HIPS, the high gloss, high flow, resistance to environmental stress cracking of the fastest growing species.

PVC applications in home appliances small, generally being used as a refrigerator seal, and some small plastic pieces, but the PVC / ABS, PVC / PS alloys as low-cost alternative to ABS and HIPS can be used for TV shells, fans, hair dryer, washing machine drum, vacuum cleaners and other parts of the production of flame retardant requirements.

PE is mainly used for production of household appliances in the less demanding non-stress conditions, such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners bellows.

With engineering plastics in appliances, ABS dosage top of the list, mainly for the production of refrigerator lining, televisions, computers, audio recorders, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones, keyboards and other small appliances shell body and its internal structural parts. Among them, the appliances transparently in the external parts and pieces of internal transparency and the refrigerator is made with transparent ABS.

AS can be used to make the refrigerator vegetable tray, electrical switches, small appliances and other transparent items.

PC has the toughness for transparent, high and low temperature performance, with self-extinguishing and other characteristics, is used extensively for hair dryer, electric heater on high heat resistance and flame retardant transparent casing production. In addition, PC can also be used to produce high performance requirements of optical discs, PC / ABS alloy shell and so on were used for the production of mobile phones.

PA series is often used for home appliances in the gears, bearings and sliding parts of the production.

POM has good overall performance, in the past mainly for the production of household appliances gear, bushings and sliding parts. In recent years, POM alloy structural components in precision has been widely used.

Modified PPO is a heat-resistant engineering plastics, integrated performance is good, self-extinguishing, therefore, is often used to produce TV and radio parts, sockets, insulation support body, coil skeletons.

By fiber-reinforced PBT can be made after the skeleton coil, transformer housing, etc.; PET is primarily used as a substrate tapes. In recent years, PET prices are relatively low, making all kinds of PET blends with general-purpose plastics can substitute for other engineering plastics and in small home appliances has been widely used.

PPS, LCP, PEEK, etc. are generally used for the production of high precision heat-resistant structural parts, such as computer and connector.

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Sound Professional Advice On The Installation Environment Modification Enthusiasts Is The Key

Now many car owners are not satisfied with original sound effects and do modified car stereo, car sound effects actually sound itself is not bad, nor is it to install technology, but to install the environment!
Firstly, the installation of audio speaker stand, floor (door) is rigid enough, when the car’s speakers sound, because sound speakers will not only forward transmission, but also backward transmission, when transmission of the sound waves back when the impact of bottom floor with the speaker will resonate or shake heavily, leading speaker sound pressure loss, caused by the speaker of the harmonic distortion, leading to quality deterioration; followed by installation of sound because the speaker stand, floor (door) of the seal is not enough, the bass speaker to before and backward sound waves in both directions of 180 degree phase difference, due to a longer wavelength low-frequency sound waves, diffraction are strong, the direction it is very poor, door speaker install the floor (the door) above is full of holes, backwards The acoustic radiation will be around to front and front acoustic offset, so that transmission of acoustic radiation energy forward greatly reduced (the sound short circuit), resulting in low frequency, less than! So do car stereo modification must be done to achieve the increased vehicle noise sound effect!
Car noise damping material is rubber material and an outer layer composed of two layers of metal sheet, when the body structure, vibration, rubber vibration damping material also will, but will be bound by the outer sheet metal, the attenuation of vibration transmission along the body structure energy, body vibration suppression, reduced production floor with the speaker resonance and shake heavily, so that speakers emit pure natural music; while noise material can penetrate into the body of detailed gap in the metal plate to the hole to seal his death, which the body into a solid seal the whole, and thus effectively improve the quality of car audio!
Select audio conversion! Select car noise! Enhance the sound quality! Reproduce music Original!

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Car Accessories for the Complete Modification of your Vehicle

When it comes to car accessories, you basically find two categories in front of you that are known as interior as well as exterior accessories. There are different types of accessories and aftermarket products available in the market, which you can install in your car considering your needs. For instance, if you are planning to upgrade the interior of your car, you should look for accessories like seat covers, audio video systems, interior lighting, mats, etc. On the other hand, exterior customization accessories include rims, tires, spoilers, hood scoops, mirrors etc. There are parts available that will help you to give a desired look to your vehicle. For instance, if you are planning to give a sporty look for your car, you can look for top end accessories.

You will be able to spend as much as you like for making your car comfortable as well as attractive. When you are planning to modify or upgrade your car, the first you should do is to look for a good auto accessory dealer. Apart from buying the accessories from the showrooms, you can also install aftermarket products in your car. However, you should make sure they are of the best quality.

There are also different types of accessories available in the market for your car’s engine, which will enhance its performance. As you are using parts for upgrading your engine, it is very important to use the best quality. In case, if you are using any low quality or cheap products to upgrade the engine, it may not able to give you the best performance. Therefore, when you are selecting a dealer, it is very important to look for a reputed one.

There are also many specialists operating in the market, who will completely upgrade your car, which include the interior, exterior and engine. This will improve the comfort factors, performance as well as visual look of your vehicle. When you are looking for the best quality Car Accessories, make sure you taking some effort to do a thorough research.

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The Completely New Modification Craze With Cool Car Wraps

Vinyl wraps, as we all know, are synonymous with advertising. Enterprises make usage of vehicle wraps for branding, branding which helps raise the profile of their business. While advertising with these wraps are full on the go, the brand new craze just for car modification has largely inclined towards car wraps just for the entire car makeover. People are obtaining their car wrapped with vinyl films to give it a different finish and also color. This craze has emerged lately due to the monotony which eventually slips in while driving the similar vehicle just for long. Not all of us could afford a new car every time a awesome model gets launched in the industry. This is a simple way of giving your old car, a brand new look, and giving yourself a boost to drive it with interest.  

The very best Car Wraps use the latest tactic in print production. The qualified experts use a car as a blank canvas to fill it in with their artwork. They could customize your car in whichever way you want. It is like getting a brand brand new car, just at a a great deal lower expense. You might be thinking that a personalized spray paint job might also bring in the identical effect at a lower cost, so why invest in wraps? While your question is quite relevant, the answer is also right in front of you. A wrap is nothing but a thin film which lays out on the top of your car’s factory skin. It gives a second skin for the car, thus protecting the original color of it. You can take off a wrap whenever you actually choose to. The inner color will be revealed in its intact state. You actually can also replace an old wrap with a brand new one according to your mood and also pattern.

Vinyl car wraps of top excellent have warranty of about 5 to 7 years. So, you can keep it just for long, until something else comes in the trend. The original paint gets shielded from chipping or fading, which also slows down the procedure of depreciation. This will help you actually acquire a more effective price while reselling the car. A full wrap for your car will expenses you actually around some thousand bucks. Earlier, modifications adopted by car whizzes are a lot costlier than this, which integrated personalizing amount plates, changing tires, adding spoilers, etc.

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Note Do Not Blindly Modified Car Modification

Recent years, the car has been modified car owners pay close attention to the hot topic, after a period of time after use, car owners on the Car Will be gradually revealed the dissatisfaction, but replacement vehicle has been the limited financial resources, does not seem realistic, so they make up for car conversion has become the most economical means of defects.

But according to an investigation shows that domestic cars are not mature and a modified environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but the real mature modification is not common. Once the frequent problems after conversion, we had more losses than gains. Therefore, experts advise that all should not blindly follow the trend, with the correct concept of conversion itself than the modified vehicles become more important. For the current conversion Market Details on several prominent expert made the following suggestions:

Wish for wide-base tires, please consider thin

Conversion market to replace China’s current Tire More because the original tire grip and drainage is bad, based on Travel Security will replace a good quality tire, first of all we should be sure that the first concept is modified to be more secure.

In fact, the original production of vehicles and, based on cost, fuel consumption and price considerations in many aspects, in many parts and materials used had reservations; course, if the original owner of the security provided in accordance with the data driving such as speed, speed limits, etc., in the security of course will not have much problem, but once beyond the limitations of original, it can not guarantee. In addition, some car owners to beauty, to tires and wheels to do two or even three of the upgrade, it is undeniable that such a change in appearance to increase the visual effect, but to increase vehicle fuel consumption and mechanical wear and tear. So this is all due to replace the tire before the cognitive.

Converted car body beware of injury

For rigid body and chassis structure, poor poor vehicle, car owners usually install the rod to reinforce the lack of rigid body; and sometimes modified anti-roll bars and replacement shock absorbers, to strengthen the chassis structure. Indeed, installation of roll bars can inhibit the body roll, but too thick anti-roll bars, driving in the fierce parade, there were in danger of tearing sheet metal body parts. How to choose the right anti-roll bars, in addition to their need cognition, or to carefully choose an experienced stores.

Some vehicles original suspension is too soft, so hard that some car owners prefer to replace the shock absorber, and the body down very low, as if the whole car is like lying on the floor. To know the body is too low not only in the large gap between the ground can not drive, and very easy to damage the chassis parts; the transfer of shock absorbers too hard, not just body jumping will be very serious, over time, the body sheet metal parts will produce distorted, so a good shock absorber should be moderate hardness.

Power conversion to vary by vehicle

The most popular car converted to a number of power conversion. Many car owners always feel that car is not quick enough, but make the vehicle speed has improved, the only way is to proceed from the power side, the most common is the replacement of high-voltage wire, spark plug and exhaust pipes.

Replacement of strong high-pressure discharge silicon wires and spark plugs, the ignition is indeed able to enhance many, but too strong for the piston will cause the ignition of a certain degree of damage. Moreover, a variety of advertising effects really put it magic, to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know with.

The most popular non-exhaust pipes, modified parts must go, it seems to install a large diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Replacement of exhaust upgrade for the hp can be said to be minimal, especially for small displacement of natural gas vehicles into it, obviously you want to feel the horsepower of the upgrade is very difficult.

Fact, want to improve dynamic performance, the most effective way is to start from inside the engine, such as the increased bore and stroke, the cylinder internal polishing, throttle polishing, replacement of forged pistons and connecting rods and so on.

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