How to Modify a Pelican Potomac 110ES Fishing Kayak

In our review of the Pelican Potomac Fishing Kayak, we realized that this thing is nice for $ 200, but that it needed some serious work. This led us to busting out the hacksaws, on a brand new …. (1 trip in the water) kayak. Crazy? Probably, but hey, it needs to fit me, not everybody! I hope you can do this same thing to your Potomac. It can be a decent kayak!

The first thing we had to do was cut holes in the front and back of the kayak. The front hole is just big enough for a battery to go into. We had plans on putting a trolling motor setup on here, so we cut the hole for that. Once it was finished though, it was big enough to reach anything in the boat. This increased storage accessibility 100%!

The next thing was the lack of access to the rear of the boat. The way Pelican molded the seat in this kayak, doesn’t allow you to reach back and store things behind the seat. This was a big downfall, but again, I knew with a hacksaw, it could easily be fixed. We started cutting, and ended up with a hole big enough to fit a fishing crate in. There is 200% storage accessibility, in 1 hour of work.

The hatch, during manufacturing, had sharp edges left on the inside of it. This had to be fixed as well. Using some PVC pipe insulation, I wrapped the hatch from the bottom of the seat, all the way around, back to the other side of the seat. This allowed me some place soft to rest my legs, without them being all banged up at the end of the day.

We also put some more of the foam insulation on top of the hatch opening. This hard plastic was rough on my elbows, and after adding these arm rests, I really don’t want to get off of the water. You use the PVC insulation to wrap the 2 holes that you have cut into the deck of the kayak for storage as well. This stuff really cleans the boat up.

Adding an anchor trolley and rudder really added to the boat control as well. In tough winds, or a stiff current, it was impossible to keep the boat anchored in one place, and face the direction I wanted to. With the rudder installed, we were able to dig in with our paddle, and really get the boat moving at a decent clip. This also helped when paddling upwind or upstream, with keeping the boat going one direction.

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How to Use a Safe Dog Chew Toy to Modify Dogs Chewing Habit

All puppies go through a chewing stage. Chewing fulfill their natural instincts to grab, bite, kill and consume. Dogs like to play with objects and pretend to KILL it by grabbing, shaking and ripping it apart. Some fall in love with shoes and will gnaw through your favorite shoes or the corners of your Italian sofa. Dogs are not snobs when it comes to “woofing” down a good shoe.

You want to protect your assets but you also want to teach your dog manners as well. Though chewing is normal, chewing shoes and other household assets are unacceptable. You will need a replaced the chewing object to train you dog to change his chewing habit.

Chewing is usually at its very worst when the puppy is teething, when the teeth in grown out from the gum caused great discomfort; chewing does help to relief the irritation. Chewing is one of the ways that they cope with this pain, and how they will speed up the process by pulling the puppy teeth out.

Your puppy likes to explore his world by sniffing, mouthing and sometimes chomping on everything they can reach. Crate training for your dog can help save your shoes, and it will stop his inherent need to chew, introduce a safe and fun toy for him will be appropriated.

Anything that a dog can fit comfortably into their mouth is too small for them. There will be a risk of choking for them. Before buying a toy, tug on it and see if pieces come off into your hand, if they do they will end up swallowed by your pet making them unsafe. Look for any hard, sharp or unfinished edges, as well as any attachments that could be pulled off and swallowed.

Never substitute your old shoes or personal clothing pieces for your puppy toys. They cannot tell the difference between an old, smelly gym shoe and your favorite shoes. If you let him chew on one shoe or shirt, he will assume he has the green light for all of them. Give your puppy the right toys to chew on instead

Do not allow your puppy to bite and chew on your fingers and toes during play time, then he will think it is okay to bite all humans that come near him, it is a very bad idea especially if there are small children in the household.

To choose a suitable dog toys for your dog, firstly choose the right size of the dog toy (anything larger than it can swallow) prevent it from choking. The material should be non-toxic (even in the core of the dog toy) and should be tough and close to indestructible to withstand the enormous ripping force by the mighty chewer. Finally, a machine washable one will be definitely a great choice.

Increase The Speed Of Rising Horsepower Car Converted Three Errors – Sports Cars, Modified Cars –

car modify
by Nazly

“Today you changed yet?” Already meet you greeting riders. Negative effect and Precaution is shown a modified car, regardless of the cart, car, luxury cars, low-end cars have improved much exhilaration. Driving in the street, traffic in the car more or less have modified the traces do not change the general trend seems to have not keep up with the trend of the. However, the present modified car is not mature environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but not many really mature modified. Modification is not easily find a shop, a change of the exhaust pipe and mushroom head, suddenly able to achieve the desired results: significant increase in horsepower, speed surge. Moreover, if converted properly, but the same as destroying cars, such modification, you change or not change?

Question 1: economy cars loaded plus tail, poor grip!

Destroyed truck: Miss Shao open is a claw QQ , Cars may be small, but because of the change color, add a sticker, so opening the road is very eye-catching, is pulling the wind. And Miss Shao back to her car added a rear wing. But just completed conversion soon, Miss Shao Tong fast on a road in Beijing, when, suddenly felt the car floating, very poor grip. Fortunately, few vehicles on the road at that time, Miss Shao later described: Stop the car, I almost do not guarantee all his life.

Expert analysis: known as the “tail” more professional, it is called as the spoiler, more common in sports cars and Sports car . Now there are some common vehicles to fit the “tail” spoiler. Car traveling at high speed when the front vehicle will be divided into two parts air, the upper part from the vehicle passed through the lower part from the vehicle. The same time, the Department’s air car is longer than the distance through the lower flow through the air, one can imagine, the vehicle is less than the lower part of the upper air pressure, thus creating a pressure difference from the bottom up. Extreme cases, the vehicle can offset the lift generated by vehicle weight equals a total loss of vehicle suspension up and grip, this high speed of vehicles is a very dangerous thing.

Question 2: change vertical exhaust pipe, noisy!

Destroyed truck: Ma easier route into the car straight row, which came out from the exhaust manifold, remove the catalyst section and the tail row, directly to the exhaust into the air, so that the discharge effect is good, but noisy. Mr Ma said: vibration sense when traveling in the car more visible, “Like car-like ride Leap.” In addition, there is no emission of treated waste directly cause serious pollution, this is the error of the exhaust pipe modification.

Expert analysis: an exhaust pipe of excellent design takes a considerable cost to complete. Significant modifications in the engine did not do the premise, only to replace the exhaust pipe, in effect, is less clear. Nowadays, many people also replace the exhaust in the tail section, will be removed catalytic device, this will increase the emissions, the environmental protection of the position we are opposed to this practice. In addition, the choice of exhaust pipe, the muffler tube size is one of the priorities. Typically, the muffler tube is also larger for the ideal noise control, the other hand, the smaller the exhaust noise silencer tube will be larger, but also with the noise suppression exhaust pipe material, pipe barrel and silencer design is closely related to cotton materials .

Addition, some owners believe that installing a large-diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, it is a misunderstanding, the replacement of the exhaust pipe can be said for the power upgrade is negligible, particularly For some small-displacement naturally aspirated car. On the contrary, large diameter exhaust tail pipes for low-speed torque loss of considerable impact, but more smoothly at high speeds on the power to improve the exhaust is helpful.

Question 3: too strong a fire, injury spark plug!

Destroyed car events: running the engine ignition system’s role is different in any engine speed and engine load, at the right time can provide enough voltage to spark plugs to produce enough to ignite the mixture inside the cylinder The spark for the engine the best combustion efficiency. But Mr. Zhao was driving less than six months because of the spark plug ignition system is too strong to be abandoned.

Expert analysis: There are car owners prefer to replace the discharge of a strong high pressure silicon wire and spark plug, which can enhance the ignition has indeed many, but to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know how to match; excessive ignition on spark plugs can cause some degree of damage. Modern The spark advance device has been replaced by computer-controlled engine management computer to collect engine speed, intake manifold pressure or air flow, throttle position, battery voltage, temperature, detonation and other signals, calculate the optimum ignition timing advance angle issue a fire signal to control ignition timing purposes. Ignition system modification is to make up for lack of the original ignition system, the modified goal is to reduce the magnetization time, increase secondary voltage, lower flash over voltage, an increase of spark time, reduce the transmission loss.

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Are We Being Genetically Modified

Ironically, answering this question does not require that one engage in any in-depth biotech scientific research study or become an expert in molecular biology.  Instead, one need only do a quick cost-benefit analysis to see that what’s going on here is that humans are being fed to the life-sucking machines that we know as corporations like livestock feed is being fed to cattle.

Just think about it.  Look at how fast and on how grand a scale agri-biotech companies are adding to the already long list of genetically engineered foods.  Put another way, look at how  corporate engineers are hard at work trying to quickly develop new and improved ways to make humans what are now one of the most prolific sources of genetically modified organisms to walk the earth.

Today, genetic engineering is being pitched as the world’s next savior and the leading solution to world hunger.  Technically speaking, genetic engineering is the transferring of a gene from one plant or non-plant organism to another to rapidly create a genetically modified organism with enhanced desired traits.  For instance, if an engineer wishes to produce a plant that is drought intolerant he can isolate and extract a drought resistant gene from one plant and inject it into another making that plant drought resistant.  Now allegedly, this is supposed to be for the common good as it yields larger crops which allegedly feed more people.  However, what this process really does is yield increased revenue for food producers.

So many may ask what’s so bad about that?  I’ll tell you.  For starters, the human body in its current, unmodified form isn’t wired to accept the transfer.  So, the more we inject the body with genetically engineered DNA, the more the human body fights with all its got to defend itself in an attempt to alert us of the alien intrusion so we can stop it.  Such alerts include food allergies, like celiac disease, asthma, hypertension, and other deadly diseases like cancer, diabetes and heart disease.

Meanwhile, GM food producers need for us to continue to feed its bottomless pit of revenue so they diligently work overtime to come up with new ways to modify the profit-making organisms, humans, so that we continue to feed it.  Then, to our demise, like in lab studies, this will persist until there is either a breakthrough or until the genetic transfer is accepted by the host even if it kills us, which in many instances has already happened.

Suffice it to say that this capitalist agenda is monetarily rather than ethically-based.  Meanwhile, the revolving door of our federal government that allows corporate stakeholders to head federal regulatory agencies and create policy continues to spin and feed the gluttonous beast.  So again the question is asked, are humans being genetically modified?

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Modifiers craze towards BMW Accessories

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) The known luxury car to one and all who have cars. This name is a crazy one among car lovers. The pricing of these cars are higher compared to others. That is one of the reasons why this brand falls under the luxury class of vehicles. The cars manufactured by BMW are known for its looks, comfort and style. Custom cars are one of the other main attractions of BMW Accessories. The company itself has customized accessories which makes this brand known to all car modifiers. The quality of the vehicle never goes out of style. This vehicle is known for its luxury and comfort level. The status that is holds is rich and prestigious. The drivers of this vehicle are so used to the vehicle that they love driving. That’s a fact which cannot be denied and the main factor behind that is the custom designed parts of the vehicle.

There are various parts and accessories available which can suite custom cars and bikes. Since BMW is a manufacturer for both cars and bikes .The main factor which influences modifiers to this brand is the quality and the performance and what not it does not compromise on any of the aspects. The head lights, rear lights, tyres, body parts, alloy wheels, brake systems, interiors etc are used in several other vehicle to change the look and style of the vehicle.

Do you have an old BMW vehicle? Then you need to know this. BMW Accessories can be fitted to nay of the BMW automobiles. It’s designed in such a way that it can be altered as per the vehicle standards. The performance delivered by them is unmatched and that is the reasons why this brand remains as the pioneer in this industry. Not everyone can own this vehicle. This is a luxury one that has features worth for the price paid. The features seen in this brand models, cannot be compared to any other brands. That is the one of the reasons as to why this car falls under the luxury category.

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Why Modified Sports Are Perfect For Children

Sports have been known to offer a lot of benefits to man, irregardless of whether the sport is done for leisure, fun, or competitive purposes. Thus, children are encouraged to engage in sports and other physical activities, as these are known to foster cognitive and physical development, which are also beneficial for their age. It is also believed that such activities also help to enhance their self-confidence and a belief they can be more successful in the future as they venture out to pursue their own career path.

But it is also natural for parents to worry about the health and safety of their children. Thus, the concept of modifying sports was innovated and is now becoming more popular as a safer option for children. In fact, it feels more like fun games while incorporating the benefits that sports has to offer them.

Tips for Modifying Sports

Modified sports offers a huge difference from the typical sports done by adults. Here is how they can be modified to make it a lot safer for the children to be involved in:

a) Reduce the size of the playing court or field.
b) Use smaller sized balls and pieces of equipment.
c) Change the rules to become more lenient due to skills limitation.
d) Reduce the amount of time spent on playing the game.
e) Add the amount of protective gears used.
f) Focus more on the game and fun aspect of it, instead of the competitive aspect of the sport.

Common Sports That Are Modified for Junior Athletes

Since the advent of modifying sports for children, there has been numerous sports that have been reduced in intensity level to make them an ideal choice for junior athletes. Some of the most popular sports currently in practice by junior athletes are cricket, golf, tee ball, soccer, netball and little athletics.

Because of the rising popularity for modified junior sports, there are also several pieces of sports equipment designed for children currently available for purchase. Parents should obtain the appropriate piece(s) of equipment as tailored to their child’s chosen sporting activity. This will increase the child’s safety during play.

Benefits of Modified Sports

If you want to get your child into sports (albeit the modified version), here are some of the reasons you should pursue it:

a) The modified version is as fun and exciting to play as the actual sport from which it was derived. Thus, children will still remain motivated to participate.
b) It is challenging enough for the younger participants, whilst increasing your child’s safety.
c) It offers a great avenue for skills development and facilitates the natural growth and progression of your child.
d) It inculcates the importance of sports and outdoor activities for your child, while eliminating the level of physical demand.
e) It offers an even playing field for children of all sizes, ages and skill level.

Janelle Farley holds a Bachelor of Commence, majoring in Sports Management and has administered junior and young adult sporting programs across Australia and the UK. She is the creator of Sport for Kids, a bible for all parents who wish to see their children living happy and healthy lives. Find out more at Because we all want happy and healthy children!

SEMA shows off modified models

Enthusiasts in the “tuner” community often purchase used cars in order to make modifications to them and turn them into highly-customized machines. Those with a gift for this sort of work can breathe new life into what many would consider to be an older automobile.

Every year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show demonstrates the full potential of what can be done with a few new parts and modifications. The event, held in Las Vegas, features a number of highly-customized rides from some of the top modders in the world. MSN recently chose a few of the tuners at this year’s event in order to highlight the hidden potential lurking just underneath the hood in some popular models.


Toyota’s Scion brand is specifically aimed at tuner enthusiasts, as the Japanese automaker heavily markets the vehicles as highly-customizable rides. Yet even Toyota probably didn’t foresee what James Lin would do with his Scion tC. A see-through glass hood and a lime-green carbon fiber body are just the beginning of the extensive modifications made to this ride. Underneath the hood, Lin added a God Speed turbocharger system for enhanced power, an Air Lift suspension, DC Sport air filter, front-mount intercooler and more. Yet he didn’t focus only on performance – the interior of the car features four 6.5-inch monitors in addition to a 32 inch TV hooked up to a Blu-Ray player.


Most tuners tend to gravitate toward Asian brands, as they’re usually affordable on the used car market and easy to modify. In fact, customizing a high-end European luxury vehicle seems kind of counterintuitive.


The team at StaSIS Engineering didn’t seem to mind, as they went to work on a $ 161,000 Audi R8, calling their new ride the “Extreme Edition.” In addition to the bright red paint job and new 20-inch wheels, the team went underneath the hood to make some changes to the R8’s already-powerful 5.2-liter V10. Thanks to their modifications, the R8 is now powered by a frightening 710-horsepower engine with 523 pound-feet of torque – an 185-hp, 132 lb-ft upgrade over the factory model. Extreme, indeed.


Drivers looking to get into the tuner lifestyle might want to start with something a bit less pricey. Budding modders may want to look online for some advice, then find a used car on a budget so that they can sink money into turning it into a champion.


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Check Out Custom Car Forums To Find Ideas About Modifying Your Vehicle

Original cars which are altered either internally or externally to look different and also to enhance the performance are known as custom cars. Modifying four wheelers have become a common trend amongst many car owners. However, custom four wheeler owners also face issues with their vehicles.

Custom car forums are helping to sponsor car shows around the globe. In the recent small car show in Bents Park North East Amateur Motorsport chairman Peter Ellis reported that they have joined hands with the North East Subaru Forum and local clubs enthusiastic in cars to sponsor together a show of large and small cars.

These forums are open to all members of the community of custom car which include street rods, hot rods, mini trucks, lowriders, modified cars and tuner cars. The aim is to provide a common source for information regarding clubs, technical information, cruises, insurance, car wallpaper and where to get those all important parts. The members share the information in easy to understand language so that even a novice can learn about car tuning and car modifications. People are also guided through engine tuning, car modifications and performance tuning for all makes of cars with detailed, step by step tuning and modifying tips.

There are numerous custom car forums online where various vehicle owners share issues with their vehicles and seek solutions from others. They normally post their issues on the websites so that others in that particular forum can see and give relevant solutions. You will also find many people who want to modify their vehicles in a definite manner but are skeptical about the idea seeking advice at these websites. People who have already tried modifying their cars by their own hands answer these queries.

In the custom car forums you will get queries from those people too who have not yet explored the world of customized cars. They usually seek guidance in the different ways of modifying their vehicles either internally or externally. The latest types of various car stickers or external gadgets which can be used for external modification or the various equipments that are useful to enhance the performance of the car all get exposed in these forums for others’ information.

Description: In case you are facing any issues with your custom vehicle or would like to know ways to improve your car’s look or performance visit & find custom car forums.

Super Cars at Performance, Tuning & Modified Show 2010

The PTM Show which was held in early May 2010 stands for Performance, Tuning & Modified Show. Moreover, this auto event introduced the very fastest and most famous modified cars in Europe. The racing took place at intervals between RWYB sessions and also shared the track with the King of the Street competition. With some thrilling racing happening, and a top-quality racing surface open to the public, this was a great day for both spectators and people participating in this event. Let’s take a look at the collection of the tuning and modified cars in this significant event as follows:


Nissan Silvia S14 1994


HKS Front Wheel Drive


King of the Street


Euro Sports Compact


Class X – Non Road Legal


Toyota Supra




Mazda RX7


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Can Not Blindly Follow The Trend Of Modified Cars To Personalize Must Kaopu – Modified, Car,

Car owners car, love show personality, was Modified car These people became interested in the thing. However, if blindly follow the trend of chaotic change together, and it is likely to ruin your car, so change the line itself and the characteristics of vehicles only Kaopu.

Not blindly follow the trend of conversion

Many vehicle owners to highlight the personality of the car to do a little “hands”, but they can not know how, then trouble will follow.

Xian Qi Hsu card car modification shop, said rule, modified from starting their own needs, consistent with their aesthetic point of view, blindly follow the trend makes Vehicle Seems neither fish nor fowl, and even destroy the car. In short, the modification is essential to follow the points for different cars corresponding changes, such as: European system emphasizes high performance car and look tough, so, what modifications are used when more precision is small, both Big surrounded Or Exhaust , In the modified car with the original change is not large, is called “low key”; the appearance of Japanese cars to light, smooth-based, modified multi-use hyperbole when you change its “weak” form, “high profile” vociferous.

Emphasis on upgrading the control of

Xian Long Automobile Club of staff to change Long Feng told reporters, a vehicle modification includes the contents of three directions, namely to enhance Security Nature, control and dynamic. In general, automotive active safety systems are not modified when the basic move, but manipulative and improve final analysis, to improve the active safety of vehicles.

Modification in terms of control options, including replacement of Tire , Modified Wheel And brakes, modified suspension machine, damping Spring , Anti-roll bars and the strengthening of the body rigidity and so on. In improving handling, the most simple modification is to replace the tires, the replacement of large diameter wheels, such as using flat tires can improve traction and reduce roll feel. Shock absorbers, modified in two directions, one more bias movement, which is harder to shock, making the diameter of seismic capacity strengthening. Another direction is converted to the competitive type, height adjustable shock absorber replacement, the owner can be adjusted according to height, which requires manually.

“If you understand the function of anti-roll bars, I know the importance of modified anti-roll bars.” Feng Long speaking, anti-roll bars look like U-shape, installed in the car Chassis , In the car around Suspension The role of action arising out of sync, that is the main function of anti-roll bars is to inhibit the roll, flat on the road to improve high-speed straight into the floating sense of time and did not help. If your car straight-line stability when moving your requirements have been met, but the cornering or changing lanes when the roll makes you not accept, then you should first relief of roll bars.

The most important brake conversion Brake system is to protect the most important part of driving safety, further enhancing the speed of vehicles before the first performance of upgrading the brake system performance. Mr Shek Polaris owners have vehicles

R1.8T, in Beijing on brake system modifications, the single Piston Brake Cylinder replaced in pairs to the four-piston disc brakes for the big change from the original 280mm into a 330mm. Modification cost of up to 12,000 yuan. It stands to reason, to replace the brake system, the braking effect of a lot better than before, the reality is just the opposite. Check after the finding was excellent and the disc brake pads are too soft result.

Chinese-wheel-drive conversion shop owner recommended the staff Yong, converting the first step is to replace the brake system, high-performance brake pads, high-performance brake pads in the choice of when to pay attention not to seek the friction coefficient and high temperature, because the friction coefficient is too General Assembly to slow traffic movement when the brakes are too sensitive to every touch of the brake pedal will result in greater passenger car shock, and brakes will be reduced by increasing wear life. If the owners of vehicles with ABS , EBD, or select the friction coefficient and high temperature of the brake pads, this braking effect would be better.

As for the brake discs, of course, the bigger the better, different brake discs have advantages and disadvantages in the design: split-type disc brake discs to reduce weight, but the high cost; ventilated disc to take the air inside and outside the hollow design can balance both sides of the plate temperature, but the cost is not low; drilling brake discs are both cooling, weight loss and the role of powder away from the brakes, but will affect the durability of brake pads.

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