ADHD Behavioral Modification – Awareness Training

In the area of managing ADHD behavior management there are three basic options; behavioral therapy, cognitive behavior therapy, and awareness training. In this informational article titled “ADHD Behavior Modification” we will be discussing awareness training.
The ADHD personality is a complex mix of productive and unproductive behavioral attributes. The key is minimizing or change the problematic ones and maximizing the productive ones. It is as if this type of personality is constantly performing a circus high wire act. It they can just stay balanced long enough to get to the other side they will be successful in managing their condition. The problem lies in the fact that with such challenging symptoms as inattention, distractibility, impulsivity, and hyperactivity it is almost impossible to make it without falling off. Think about it this way, if you lose your balance only to regain your footing you will eventually make it to the other side.
Awareness training is an attempt to get the ADHD personality to think in the here and now. There are many different forms of this promising technique. Part of the broad ranging appeal of awareness training is that it can benefit almost alone. This form of behavioral management is most effective when a coach is involved.
There are many ways to increase awareness. You may remember the old martial arts movies where the student was blindfolded and taught to grab the renegade fly. While this extreme teaching method seems outlandish it does fit the basic criteria of ADHD behavioral modification. Now, let’s move on to more tangible awareness techniques.
* Meditation – The ADHD personality has a busy mind, moving from thought to though in rapid fashion. They have trouble staying focused and love to start new projects only to leave them unfinished. The goal of meditation is to slow the number of thoughts down to a trickle allowing you to eventually focus on one thought at a time. Focus on slow relaxed breathing and releasing those unwanted thoughts. You may be surprised how quickly you are able to identify and overcome some of the more common ADHD symptoms.
* Yoga – Yoga has helped people become more aware of themselves and their surrounding for hundred of years. If you can find a coach who both understands ADHD and yoga this approach could prove to be very beneficial.
There are many other mind/body therapies such as Tai chi, sensory integration and certain martial arts that would be good alternatives as well. Ultimately, your goal is to focus your attention on how you feel, what you think, and how you act. Understanding these issues will prove helpful in determining where you behavior comes from and giving you the information needed to formulate a plan to change it.
Additionally, many people with ADHD are choosing to combine the benefits of behavioral modification with alternative remedies for ADHD. These natural ADHD remedies are very safe and have been shown to be effective in addressing such common ADHD symptoms as inattention, impulsivity, and hyperactivity and are an option worth considering.

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