Administrators Can Modify Poor Performance In Learning Online

Learning online has gained lots of criticism because of its massive difficulties. It’s imperative to keep in mind that some of the challenges may have been due to a failure of administrators to deal with stakeholders concerns.

Administrators have overlooked several problems

1. Teachers insecurities. Lots of teachers appear to be apprehensive about online learning since they are threatened by it. Programs require creation of internet sites which easily make program material accessible to anyone who is interested. Educators are concerned about it as they fear somebody less experienced and less expensive than them could replace them. In fact, some administrators have proved that these teachers right by hiring inexperienced distance educators.

2. Poor recognition. Many administrators still give attention to conventional teaching practices and also initiatives for rewards. Hardly ever does one hear about a grant for efficient or high performing distance educators. Scholarships or grants are usually awarded to those teachers who participate in research. As a result the majority of teachers would take into account distance education a diversion from activities which actually reap rewards and they tend to perform in a much less productive way. Administrators have gone on to ignore such concerns.

3. Shortage of support. Teachers frequently need to deal with a lot of hurdles in the distance learning environment. Usually technology can fail them and they may need the aid of a specialist to rectify this. Alternatively, some may undergo situations where the students need some sort of intervention though such concerns cannot be realized immediately. To this end, distance tutors may be left with nothing to choose instead. In such times, aid from administrators can be useful. Making back up plans for possible technology failures and employing experts needs many resources which can be available from respective administrators however this is rarely forthcoming.


Because administrators hardly ever address these problems then they keep persisting so it ruins quality of education in distance education.

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