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China Car Consumption into the era of personalized, individual foreign Macau popular demand gradually became converted the domestic automobile Sell Guiding standard, more and more customization by consumers. Automobile manufacturers in China to achieve customization is not yet reality, by the dealer to create a unique market model has become the highlight driving. With deep industry in May car “Sunshine Edition” of the overall market, “Personalized Custom Car” wave of surging further in Shenzhen, Shenzhen car dealers Marketing A battle of wits has upgraded to a new era.

Universal custom modification War era detonated car market
Mature customization fought overseas Chinese Personalized set cars are still new in China, but in Europe and the United States car market in developed countries is already very common, production and marketing methods have used a more mature character customization?? Manufacturers to produce only the bare car, the configuration is using the module matching or tuning house customization mode, provides a wealth of accessories package, the internal assembly of their choice based on consumer preferences.

As a national auto consumption front, Guangdong by Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan Modified car More common cultural influences, most consumers prefer private cars to some degree in the original, ranging from car modification. Therefore, the Shenzhen car customization business started early, mainly based on the bare car modified to increase the more personalized the configuration, for example, Great surround , Tires, Tire , Doors, acoustic, xenon headlamps, Navigation Detector. The core components such as automobile chassis, suspension systems, engines, etc. are not altered, as it will involve issues of national laws and regulations.

“Shenzhen custom” high-end to the civilian population
Familiar with the consumer automotive market in Shenzhen should have long noted that in recent years has been a lot of exclusive personalized models have been introducing in Shenzhen, and from the high to the low-end car market: Since 2005, Red Tong, a Buick car to be launched (not including the GL8 and boulevard) and Chevrolet Series models “Elite Edition” by configuring the upgrade, sales in Shenzhen, a big success, aroused the concern of manufacturers and learn After the manufacturers to “Elite Edition” models listed in the South China region?? Shenzhen manufacturing of the country, it must be said that the success of personalized marketing model. This year continues to surprise the market orientation of red-tung launched the “GT Performance Edition” Regal, “Sport Edition” Reiz “Expo Edition” Roewe, are brought different levels of profit growth.

Formal model will be the exclusive custom packaging is introduced into a brand Peng Feng, beginning in November 2008 launched the “Royal Edition models”: the first is widely present, followed by Guangzhou Fung, a Fung, modern, East of the other brands. “Royal Edition of our Proxy Models for each brand customization. To high-end brands, personalized service populace can be said is the first. 1 and a half years we have sold 6000 Royal Edition car. “Peng Feng Zhang Junfeng, said group president. It is reported that the company’s sales ratio of the Royal Edition model has accounted for half the sales of some brand models, and that this percentage is rising.

“Provides personalized car” into a new profit growth point
Converted shop owners fear that other good cars are modified through the vehicle licensing, inspection, it is assured that the size and strength of dealers to buy a “personalized custom models.” For car dealers, direct procurement components, combined with their original accessories and other fine, with the sale of packaged form, but also gain more profit.

By modified cars that wave, located near Yuncheng Sony Longgang up big in last year, Honda launched the “Grand Canal Edition”, covers the Accord, Feng Fan, Fit, Odyssey and other vehicles. In addition, the Honda dealer the other security information, security letter, accessibility, and so launched a version of Honda’s intelligent vehicles. On this basis, has deep industry car “Sunshine Edition” models after more than a year after market research and planning for the full launch, and has one of its abundance, Kwong Fung, Kwong of the East of this and other brands in the full implementation .

From the “custom car” to “Custom Service”

Auto consumers, as the hotel’s patrons, tastes different, difficult to reach. Exclusive model is a cooking technique in the Competition. With the customization blossom everywhere, custom models can bring more value-added is the key to success. For example, in Peng-feng, all vehicle owners to buy the Royal are free to join Peng will peak stylish Royal Group: In addition to enjoy REWARDS, maintenance, concessions and other value-added services. More importantly, the club members set up a collection for the business and recreational quality in one platform. The management of deep industry Automotive Center, Luo Nan, said, “We introduced ‘light version’ is by no means a simple fine packaging, in addition to the need to build according to the owner with a more cost-effective models, we pay more attention to the services’ package ‘. For instance, we launched the FAW Toyota extended warranty vehicle activities, this is definitely a first in Shenzhen. “” HSBC is a pilot, we also plan to implement in other brands.’ Sunshine Edition ‘owners will be accepted to more differentiated services. ”

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