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Car owners car, love show personality, was Modified car These people became interested in the thing. However, if blindly follow the trend of chaotic change together, and it is likely to ruin your car, so change the line itself and the characteristics of vehicles only Kaopu.

Not blindly follow the trend of conversion

Many vehicle owners to highlight the personality of the car to do a little “hands”, but they can not know how, then trouble will follow.

Xian Qi Hsu card car modification shop, said rule, modified from starting their own needs, consistent with their aesthetic point of view, blindly follow the trend makes Vehicle Seems neither fish nor fowl, and even destroy the car. In short, the modification is essential to follow the points for different cars corresponding changes, such as: European system emphasizes high performance car and look tough, so, what modifications are used when more precision is small, both Big surrounded Or Exhaust , In the modified car with the original change is not large, is called “low key”; the appearance of Japanese cars to light, smooth-based, modified multi-use hyperbole when you change its “weak” form, “high profile” vociferous.

Emphasis on upgrading the control of

Xian Long Automobile Club of staff to change Long Feng told reporters, a vehicle modification includes the contents of three directions, namely to enhance Security Nature, control and dynamic. In general, automotive active safety systems are not modified when the basic move, but manipulative and improve final analysis, to improve the active safety of vehicles.

Modification in terms of control options, including replacement of Tire , Modified Wheel And brakes, modified suspension machine, damping Spring , Anti-roll bars and the strengthening of the body rigidity and so on. In improving handling, the most simple modification is to replace the tires, the replacement of large diameter wheels, such as using flat tires can improve traction and reduce roll feel. Shock absorbers, modified in two directions, one more bias movement, which is harder to shock, making the diameter of seismic capacity strengthening. Another direction is converted to the competitive type, height adjustable shock absorber replacement, the owner can be adjusted according to height, which requires manually.

“If you understand the function of anti-roll bars, I know the importance of modified anti-roll bars.” Feng Long speaking, anti-roll bars look like U-shape, installed in the car Chassis , In the car around Suspension The role of action arising out of sync, that is the main function of anti-roll bars is to inhibit the roll, flat on the road to improve high-speed straight into the floating sense of time and did not help. If your car straight-line stability when moving your requirements have been met, but the cornering or changing lanes when the roll makes you not accept, then you should first relief of roll bars.

The most important brake conversion Brake system is to protect the most important part of driving safety, further enhancing the speed of vehicles before the first performance of upgrading the brake system performance. Mr Shek Polaris owners have vehicles

R1.8T, in Beijing on brake system modifications, the single Piston Brake Cylinder replaced in pairs to the four-piston disc brakes for the big change from the original 280mm into a 330mm. Modification cost of up to 12,000 yuan. It stands to reason, to replace the brake system, the braking effect of a lot better than before, the reality is just the opposite. Check after the finding was excellent and the disc brake pads are too soft result.

Chinese-wheel-drive conversion shop owner recommended the staff Yong, converting the first step is to replace the brake system, high-performance brake pads, high-performance brake pads in the choice of when to pay attention not to seek the friction coefficient and high temperature, because the friction coefficient is too General Assembly to slow traffic movement when the brakes are too sensitive to every touch of the brake pedal will result in greater passenger car shock, and brakes will be reduced by increasing wear life. If the owners of vehicles with ABS , EBD, or select the friction coefficient and high temperature of the brake pads, this braking effect would be better.

As for the brake discs, of course, the bigger the better, different brake discs have advantages and disadvantages in the design: split-type disc brake discs to reduce weight, but the high cost; ventilated disc to take the air inside and outside the hollow design can balance both sides of the plate temperature, but the cost is not low; drilling brake discs are both cooling, weight loss and the role of powder away from the brakes, but will affect the durability of brake pads.

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