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by Nazly

“Today you changed yet?” Already meet you greeting riders. Negative effect and Precaution is shown a modified car, regardless of the cart, car, luxury cars, low-end cars have improved much exhilaration. Driving in the street, traffic in the car more or less have modified the traces do not change the general trend seems to have not keep up with the trend of the. However, the present modified car is not mature environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but not many really mature modified. Modification is not easily find a shop, a change of the exhaust pipe and mushroom head, suddenly able to achieve the desired results: significant increase in horsepower, speed surge. Moreover, if converted properly, but the same as destroying cars, such modification, you change or not change?

Question 1: economy cars loaded plus tail, poor grip!

Destroyed truck: Miss Shao open is a claw QQ , Cars may be small, but because of the change color, add a sticker, so opening the road is very eye-catching, is pulling the wind. And Miss Shao back to her car added a rear wing. But just completed conversion soon, Miss Shao Tong fast on a road in Beijing, when, suddenly felt the car floating, very poor grip. Fortunately, few vehicles on the road at that time, Miss Shao later described: Stop the car, I almost do not guarantee all his life.

Expert analysis: known as the “tail” more professional, it is called as the spoiler, more common in sports cars and Sports car . Now there are some common vehicles to fit the “tail” spoiler. Car traveling at high speed when the front vehicle will be divided into two parts air, the upper part from the vehicle passed through the lower part from the vehicle. The same time, the Department’s air car is longer than the distance through the lower flow through the air, one can imagine, the vehicle is less than the lower part of the upper air pressure, thus creating a pressure difference from the bottom up. Extreme cases, the vehicle can offset the lift generated by vehicle weight equals a total loss of vehicle suspension up and grip, this high speed of vehicles is a very dangerous thing.

Question 2: change vertical exhaust pipe, noisy!

Destroyed truck: Ma easier route into the car straight row, which came out from the exhaust manifold, remove the catalyst section and the tail row, directly to the exhaust into the air, so that the discharge effect is good, but noisy. Mr Ma said: vibration sense when traveling in the car more visible, “Like car-like ride Leap.” In addition, there is no emission of treated waste directly cause serious pollution, this is the error of the exhaust pipe modification.

Expert analysis: an exhaust pipe of excellent design takes a considerable cost to complete. Significant modifications in the engine did not do the premise, only to replace the exhaust pipe, in effect, is less clear. Nowadays, many people also replace the exhaust in the tail section, will be removed catalytic device, this will increase the emissions, the environmental protection of the position we are opposed to this practice. In addition, the choice of exhaust pipe, the muffler tube size is one of the priorities. Typically, the muffler tube is also larger for the ideal noise control, the other hand, the smaller the exhaust noise silencer tube will be larger, but also with the noise suppression exhaust pipe material, pipe barrel and silencer design is closely related to cotton materials .

Addition, some owners believe that installing a large-diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, it is a misunderstanding, the replacement of the exhaust pipe can be said for the power upgrade is negligible, particularly For some small-displacement naturally aspirated car. On the contrary, large diameter exhaust tail pipes for low-speed torque loss of considerable impact, but more smoothly at high speeds on the power to improve the exhaust is helpful.

Question 3: too strong a fire, injury spark plug!

Destroyed car events: running the engine ignition system’s role is different in any engine speed and engine load, at the right time can provide enough voltage to spark plugs to produce enough to ignite the mixture inside the cylinder The spark for the engine the best combustion efficiency. But Mr. Zhao was driving less than six months because of the spark plug ignition system is too strong to be abandoned.

Expert analysis: There are car owners prefer to replace the discharge of a strong high pressure silicon wire and spark plug, which can enhance the ignition has indeed many, but to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know how to match; excessive ignition on spark plugs can cause some degree of damage. Modern The spark advance device has been replaced by computer-controlled engine management computer to collect engine speed, intake manifold pressure or air flow, throttle position, battery voltage, temperature, detonation and other signals, calculate the optimum ignition timing advance angle issue a fire signal to control ignition timing purposes. Ignition system modification is to make up for lack of the original ignition system, the modified goal is to reduce the magnetization time, increase secondary voltage, lower flash over voltage, an increase of spark time, reduce the transmission loss.

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