Lifestyle Modification to Stop Hair Loss

Most of the time, brittle hair is nothing more than a nuisance brought on by neglect and too many chemical services. However, a number of serious diseases and conditions cause dry, brittle hair. For this reason, every new case of brittle hair should be evaluated by a medical professional if the exact cause is unknown. This is one way to stop hair loss.

Chemical services lift the protective, cuticle layer of the hair to penetrate the middle, cortex layer. The cortex layer contains structures that determine the strength, color and texture of the hair. Chemical services alter these structures to change the appearance of the hair. Repeated chemical treatments undermine the strength and integrity of the hair structure, causing the hair to become dry and brittle. One way to stop hair loss is to avoid chemical services and treatments as much as possible.

Certain medications and medical treatments severely damage hair. Medical treatments for major illnesses, surgery, transplants and gastrointestinal bypasses also cause limp hair.

You may find your hair becoming brittle from different factors including exposure to extreme wind or sunlight. It is also best that you protect your tresses from excessive heat especially exposure under strong sunlight because this can dry your hair and make it even more brittle.

Oftentimes, you may even find that the water that you wash your hair with and even swimming can do a lot of damage to your hair, causing it to lose nutrients and become dry or brittle. When swimming, protect your hair from chlorine in swimming pools by wearing a swimming cap. Do not forget to rinse after going into a pool to minimize absorption of chlorine in your hair.

By using good products you not only stop hair loss, you also have a much better chance of giving your hair back some of the essential vitamins that have been taken away. Brittle hair can be enhanced by avoiding the use of shampoos that contain alkaline or alcohol. Regular trimming is an effective way to get rid of split ends. Aside from that, it is relevant to use a leave-on conditioner often and deep conditioner at least once a week to keep your hair healthy and moisturized.

Recently, there were promising and unique inventions on hair loss treatments and these inventions contain natural or organic ingredients that have been proven to combat the main culprit of balding which is DHT. An herb that is utilized by prominent companies that produce products to treat the condition is saw palmetto.

Natural hair treatment to stop hair loss is proven and has been used by many men and women. The herbal remedies to stop hair loss as well. A laser hair regrowth is the advanced treatment to improve your scalp blood flow.

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