Note Do Not Blindly Modified Car Modification

Recent years, the car has been modified car owners pay close attention to the hot topic, after a period of time after use, car owners on the Car Will be gradually revealed the dissatisfaction, but replacement vehicle has been the limited financial resources, does not seem realistic, so they make up for car conversion has become the most economical means of defects.

But according to an investigation shows that domestic cars are not mature and a modified environment, although there are quite a lot of vehicles into Madden, but the real mature modification is not common. Once the frequent problems after conversion, we had more losses than gains. Therefore, experts advise that all should not blindly follow the trend, with the correct concept of conversion itself than the modified vehicles become more important. For the current conversion Market Details on several prominent expert made the following suggestions:

Wish for wide-base tires, please consider thin

Conversion market to replace China’s current Tire More because the original tire grip and drainage is bad, based on Travel Security will replace a good quality tire, first of all we should be sure that the first concept is modified to be more secure.

In fact, the original production of vehicles and, based on cost, fuel consumption and price considerations in many aspects, in many parts and materials used had reservations; course, if the original owner of the security provided in accordance with the data driving such as speed, speed limits, etc., in the security of course will not have much problem, but once beyond the limitations of original, it can not guarantee. In addition, some car owners to beauty, to tires and wheels to do two or even three of the upgrade, it is undeniable that such a change in appearance to increase the visual effect, but to increase vehicle fuel consumption and mechanical wear and tear. So this is all due to replace the tire before the cognitive.

Converted car body beware of injury

For rigid body and chassis structure, poor poor vehicle, car owners usually install the rod to reinforce the lack of rigid body; and sometimes modified anti-roll bars and replacement shock absorbers, to strengthen the chassis structure. Indeed, installation of roll bars can inhibit the body roll, but too thick anti-roll bars, driving in the fierce parade, there were in danger of tearing sheet metal body parts. How to choose the right anti-roll bars, in addition to their need cognition, or to carefully choose an experienced stores.

Some vehicles original suspension is too soft, so hard that some car owners prefer to replace the shock absorber, and the body down very low, as if the whole car is like lying on the floor. To know the body is too low not only in the large gap between the ground can not drive, and very easy to damage the chassis parts; the transfer of shock absorbers too hard, not just body jumping will be very serious, over time, the body sheet metal parts will produce distorted, so a good shock absorber should be moderate hardness.

Power conversion to vary by vehicle

The most popular car converted to a number of power conversion. Many car owners always feel that car is not quick enough, but make the vehicle speed has improved, the only way is to proceed from the power side, the most common is the replacement of high-voltage wire, spark plug and exhaust pipes.

Replacement of strong high-pressure discharge silicon wires and spark plugs, the ignition is indeed able to enhance many, but too strong for the piston will cause the ignition of a certain degree of damage. Moreover, a variety of advertising effects really put it magic, to some extent may vary by car, the key is to know with.

The most popular non-exhaust pipes, modified parts must go, it seems to install a large diameter exhaust pipe and the amazing noise, the vehicle will run faster, in fact, this is a misunderstanding. Replacement of exhaust upgrade for the hp can be said to be minimal, especially for small displacement of natural gas vehicles into it, obviously you want to feel the horsepower of the upgrade is very difficult.

Fact, want to improve dynamic performance, the most effective way is to start from inside the engine, such as the increased bore and stroke, the cylinder internal polishing, throttle polishing, replacement of forged pistons and connecting rods and so on.

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