Modifiers craze towards BMW Accessories

Bayerische Motoren Werke AG (BMW) The known luxury car to one and all who have cars. This name is a crazy one among car lovers. The pricing of these cars are higher compared to others. That is one of the reasons why this brand falls under the luxury class of vehicles. The cars manufactured by BMW are known for its looks, comfort and style. Custom cars are one of the other main attractions of BMW Accessories. The company itself has customized accessories which makes this brand known to all car modifiers. The quality of the vehicle never goes out of style. This vehicle is known for its luxury and comfort level. The status that is holds is rich and prestigious. The drivers of this vehicle are so used to the vehicle that they love driving. That’s a fact which cannot be denied and the main factor behind that is the custom designed parts of the vehicle.

There are various parts and accessories available which can suite custom cars and bikes. Since BMW is a manufacturer for both cars and bikes .The main factor which influences modifiers to this brand is the quality and the performance and what not it does not compromise on any of the aspects. The head lights, rear lights, tyres, body parts, alloy wheels, brake systems, interiors etc are used in several other vehicle to change the look and style of the vehicle.

Do you have an old BMW vehicle? Then you need to know this. BMW Accessories can be fitted to nay of the BMW automobiles. It’s designed in such a way that it can be altered as per the vehicle standards. The performance delivered by them is unmatched and that is the reasons why this brand remains as the pioneer in this industry. Not everyone can own this vehicle. This is a luxury one that has features worth for the price paid. The features seen in this brand models, cannot be compared to any other brands. That is the one of the reasons as to why this car falls under the luxury category.

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Why Modified Sports Are Perfect For Children

Sports have been known to offer a lot of benefits to man, irregardless of whether the sport is done for leisure, fun, or competitive purposes. Thus, children are encouraged to engage in sports and other physical activities, as these are known to foster cognitive and physical development, which are also beneficial for their age. It is also believed that such activities also help to enhance their self-confidence and a belief they can be more successful in the future as they venture out to pursue their own career path.

But it is also natural for parents to worry about the health and safety of their children. Thus, the concept of modifying sports was innovated and is now becoming more popular as a safer option for children. In fact, it feels more like fun games while incorporating the benefits that sports has to offer them.

Tips for Modifying Sports

Modified sports offers a huge difference from the typical sports done by adults. Here is how they can be modified to make it a lot safer for the children to be involved in:

a) Reduce the size of the playing court or field.
b) Use smaller sized balls and pieces of equipment.
c) Change the rules to become more lenient due to skills limitation.
d) Reduce the amount of time spent on playing the game.
e) Add the amount of protective gears used.
f) Focus more on the game and fun aspect of it, instead of the competitive aspect of the sport.

Common Sports That Are Modified for Junior Athletes

Since the advent of modifying sports for children, there has been numerous sports that have been reduced in intensity level to make them an ideal choice for junior athletes. Some of the most popular sports currently in practice by junior athletes are cricket, golf, tee ball, soccer, netball and little athletics.

Because of the rising popularity for modified junior sports, there are also several pieces of sports equipment designed for children currently available for purchase. Parents should obtain the appropriate piece(s) of equipment as tailored to their child’s chosen sporting activity. This will increase the child’s safety during play.

Benefits of Modified Sports

If you want to get your child into sports (albeit the modified version), here are some of the reasons you should pursue it:

a) The modified version is as fun and exciting to play as the actual sport from which it was derived. Thus, children will still remain motivated to participate.
b) It is challenging enough for the younger participants, whilst increasing your child’s safety.
c) It offers a great avenue for skills development and facilitates the natural growth and progression of your child.
d) It inculcates the importance of sports and outdoor activities for your child, while eliminating the level of physical demand.
e) It offers an even playing field for children of all sizes, ages and skill level.

Janelle Farley holds a Bachelor of Commence, majoring in Sports Management and has administered junior and young adult sporting programs across Australia and the UK. She is the creator of Sport for Kids, a bible for all parents who wish to see their children living happy and healthy lives. Find out more at Because we all want happy and healthy children!

SEMA shows off modified models

Enthusiasts in the “tuner” community often purchase used cars in order to make modifications to them and turn them into highly-customized machines. Those with a gift for this sort of work can breathe new life into what many would consider to be an older automobile.

Every year, the Specialty Equipment Market Association (SEMA) show demonstrates the full potential of what can be done with a few new parts and modifications. The event, held in Las Vegas, features a number of highly-customized rides from some of the top modders in the world. MSN recently chose a few of the tuners at this year’s event in order to highlight the hidden potential lurking just underneath the hood in some popular models.


Toyota’s Scion brand is specifically aimed at tuner enthusiasts, as the Japanese automaker heavily markets the vehicles as highly-customizable rides. Yet even Toyota probably didn’t foresee what James Lin would do with his Scion tC. A see-through glass hood and a lime-green carbon fiber body are just the beginning of the extensive modifications made to this ride. Underneath the hood, Lin added a God Speed turbocharger system for enhanced power, an Air Lift suspension, DC Sport air filter, front-mount intercooler and more. Yet he didn’t focus only on performance – the interior of the car features four 6.5-inch monitors in addition to a 32 inch TV hooked up to a Blu-Ray player.


Most tuners tend to gravitate toward Asian brands, as they’re usually affordable on the used car market and easy to modify. In fact, customizing a high-end European luxury vehicle seems kind of counterintuitive.


The team at StaSIS Engineering didn’t seem to mind, as they went to work on a $ 161,000 Audi R8, calling their new ride the “Extreme Edition.” In addition to the bright red paint job and new 20-inch wheels, the team went underneath the hood to make some changes to the R8’s already-powerful 5.2-liter V10. Thanks to their modifications, the R8 is now powered by a frightening 710-horsepower engine with 523 pound-feet of torque – an 185-hp, 132 lb-ft upgrade over the factory model. Extreme, indeed.


Drivers looking to get into the tuner lifestyle might want to start with something a bit less pricey. Budding modders may want to look online for some advice, then find a used car on a budget so that they can sink money into turning it into a champion.


James Dunsford is a New Jersey used cars specialist for New Jersey Auto Auction

Check Out Custom Car Forums To Find Ideas About Modifying Your Vehicle

Original cars which are altered either internally or externally to look different and also to enhance the performance are known as custom cars. Modifying four wheelers have become a common trend amongst many car owners. However, custom four wheeler owners also face issues with their vehicles.

Custom car forums are helping to sponsor car shows around the globe. In the recent small car show in Bents Park North East Amateur Motorsport chairman Peter Ellis reported that they have joined hands with the North East Subaru Forum and local clubs enthusiastic in cars to sponsor together a show of large and small cars.

These forums are open to all members of the community of custom car which include street rods, hot rods, mini trucks, lowriders, modified cars and tuner cars. The aim is to provide a common source for information regarding clubs, technical information, cruises, insurance, car wallpaper and where to get those all important parts. The members share the information in easy to understand language so that even a novice can learn about car tuning and car modifications. People are also guided through engine tuning, car modifications and performance tuning for all makes of cars with detailed, step by step tuning and modifying tips.

There are numerous custom car forums online where various vehicle owners share issues with their vehicles and seek solutions from others. They normally post their issues on the websites so that others in that particular forum can see and give relevant solutions. You will also find many people who want to modify their vehicles in a definite manner but are skeptical about the idea seeking advice at these websites. People who have already tried modifying their cars by their own hands answer these queries.

In the custom car forums you will get queries from those people too who have not yet explored the world of customized cars. They usually seek guidance in the different ways of modifying their vehicles either internally or externally. The latest types of various car stickers or external gadgets which can be used for external modification or the various equipments that are useful to enhance the performance of the car all get exposed in these forums for others’ information.

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Super Cars at Performance, Tuning & Modified Show 2010

The PTM Show which was held in early May 2010 stands for Performance, Tuning & Modified Show. Moreover, this auto event introduced the very fastest and most famous modified cars in Europe. The racing took place at intervals between RWYB sessions and also shared the track with the King of the Street competition. With some thrilling racing happening, and a top-quality racing surface open to the public, this was a great day for both spectators and people participating in this event. Let’s take a look at the collection of the tuning and modified cars in this significant event as follows:


Nissan Silvia S14 1994


HKS Front Wheel Drive


King of the Street


Euro Sports Compact


Class X – Non Road Legal


Toyota Supra




Mazda RX7


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Can Not Blindly Follow The Trend Of Modified Cars To Personalize Must Kaopu – Modified, Car,

Car owners car, love show personality, was Modified car These people became interested in the thing. However, if blindly follow the trend of chaotic change together, and it is likely to ruin your car, so change the line itself and the characteristics of vehicles only Kaopu.

Not blindly follow the trend of conversion

Many vehicle owners to highlight the personality of the car to do a little “hands”, but they can not know how, then trouble will follow.

Xian Qi Hsu card car modification shop, said rule, modified from starting their own needs, consistent with their aesthetic point of view, blindly follow the trend makes Vehicle Seems neither fish nor fowl, and even destroy the car. In short, the modification is essential to follow the points for different cars corresponding changes, such as: European system emphasizes high performance car and look tough, so, what modifications are used when more precision is small, both Big surrounded Or Exhaust , In the modified car with the original change is not large, is called “low key”; the appearance of Japanese cars to light, smooth-based, modified multi-use hyperbole when you change its “weak” form, “high profile” vociferous.

Emphasis on upgrading the control of

Xian Long Automobile Club of staff to change Long Feng told reporters, a vehicle modification includes the contents of three directions, namely to enhance Security Nature, control and dynamic. In general, automotive active safety systems are not modified when the basic move, but manipulative and improve final analysis, to improve the active safety of vehicles.

Modification in terms of control options, including replacement of Tire , Modified Wheel And brakes, modified suspension machine, damping Spring , Anti-roll bars and the strengthening of the body rigidity and so on. In improving handling, the most simple modification is to replace the tires, the replacement of large diameter wheels, such as using flat tires can improve traction and reduce roll feel. Shock absorbers, modified in two directions, one more bias movement, which is harder to shock, making the diameter of seismic capacity strengthening. Another direction is converted to the competitive type, height adjustable shock absorber replacement, the owner can be adjusted according to height, which requires manually.

“If you understand the function of anti-roll bars, I know the importance of modified anti-roll bars.” Feng Long speaking, anti-roll bars look like U-shape, installed in the car Chassis , In the car around Suspension The role of action arising out of sync, that is the main function of anti-roll bars is to inhibit the roll, flat on the road to improve high-speed straight into the floating sense of time and did not help. If your car straight-line stability when moving your requirements have been met, but the cornering or changing lanes when the roll makes you not accept, then you should first relief of roll bars.

The most important brake conversion Brake system is to protect the most important part of driving safety, further enhancing the speed of vehicles before the first performance of upgrading the brake system performance. Mr Shek Polaris owners have vehicles

R1.8T, in Beijing on brake system modifications, the single Piston Brake Cylinder replaced in pairs to the four-piston disc brakes for the big change from the original 280mm into a 330mm. Modification cost of up to 12,000 yuan. It stands to reason, to replace the brake system, the braking effect of a lot better than before, the reality is just the opposite. Check after the finding was excellent and the disc brake pads are too soft result.

Chinese-wheel-drive conversion shop owner recommended the staff Yong, converting the first step is to replace the brake system, high-performance brake pads, high-performance brake pads in the choice of when to pay attention not to seek the friction coefficient and high temperature, because the friction coefficient is too General Assembly to slow traffic movement when the brakes are too sensitive to every touch of the brake pedal will result in greater passenger car shock, and brakes will be reduced by increasing wear life. If the owners of vehicles with ABS , EBD, or select the friction coefficient and high temperature of the brake pads, this braking effect would be better.

As for the brake discs, of course, the bigger the better, different brake discs have advantages and disadvantages in the design: split-type disc brake discs to reduce weight, but the high cost; ventilated disc to take the air inside and outside the hollow design can balance both sides of the plate temperature, but the cost is not low; drilling brake discs are both cooling, weight loss and the role of powder away from the brakes, but will affect the durability of brake pads.

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All Custom Modified World War Ii Era Detonated Car Market – Modified, Customized Cars – Automotive

China Car Consumption into the era of personalized, individual foreign Macau popular demand gradually became converted the domestic automobile Sell Guiding standard, more and more customization by consumers. Automobile manufacturers in China to achieve customization is not yet reality, by the dealer to create a unique market model has become the highlight driving. With deep industry in May car “Sunshine Edition” of the overall market, “Personalized Custom Car” wave of surging further in Shenzhen, Shenzhen car dealers Marketing A battle of wits has upgraded to a new era.

Universal custom modification War era detonated car market
Mature customization fought overseas Chinese Personalized set cars are still new in China, but in Europe and the United States car market in developed countries is already very common, production and marketing methods have used a more mature character customization?? Manufacturers to produce only the bare car, the configuration is using the module matching or tuning house customization mode, provides a wealth of accessories package, the internal assembly of their choice based on consumer preferences.

As a national auto consumption front, Guangdong by Hong Kong and Taiwan, Japan Modified car More common cultural influences, most consumers prefer private cars to some degree in the original, ranging from car modification. Therefore, the Shenzhen car customization business started early, mainly based on the bare car modified to increase the more personalized the configuration, for example, Great surround , Tires, Tire , Doors, acoustic, xenon headlamps, Navigation Detector. The core components such as automobile chassis, suspension systems, engines, etc. are not altered, as it will involve issues of national laws and regulations.

“Shenzhen custom” high-end to the civilian population
Familiar with the consumer automotive market in Shenzhen should have long noted that in recent years has been a lot of exclusive personalized models have been introducing in Shenzhen, and from the high to the low-end car market: Since 2005, Red Tong, a Buick car to be launched (not including the GL8 and boulevard) and Chevrolet Series models “Elite Edition” by configuring the upgrade, sales in Shenzhen, a big success, aroused the concern of manufacturers and learn After the manufacturers to “Elite Edition” models listed in the South China region?? Shenzhen manufacturing of the country, it must be said that the success of personalized marketing model. This year continues to surprise the market orientation of red-tung launched the “GT Performance Edition” Regal, “Sport Edition” Reiz “Expo Edition” Roewe, are brought different levels of profit growth.

Formal model will be the exclusive custom packaging is introduced into a brand Peng Feng, beginning in November 2008 launched the “Royal Edition models”: the first is widely present, followed by Guangzhou Fung, a Fung, modern, East of the other brands. “Royal Edition of our Proxy Models for each brand customization. To high-end brands, personalized service populace can be said is the first. 1 and a half years we have sold 6000 Royal Edition car. “Peng Feng Zhang Junfeng, said group president. It is reported that the company’s sales ratio of the Royal Edition model has accounted for half the sales of some brand models, and that this percentage is rising.

“Provides personalized car” into a new profit growth point
Converted shop owners fear that other good cars are modified through the vehicle licensing, inspection, it is assured that the size and strength of dealers to buy a “personalized custom models.” For car dealers, direct procurement components, combined with their original accessories and other fine, with the sale of packaged form, but also gain more profit.

By modified cars that wave, located near Yuncheng Sony Longgang up big in last year, Honda launched the “Grand Canal Edition”, covers the Accord, Feng Fan, Fit, Odyssey and other vehicles. In addition, the Honda dealer the other security information, security letter, accessibility, and so launched a version of Honda’s intelligent vehicles. On this basis, has deep industry car “Sunshine Edition” models after more than a year after market research and planning for the full launch, and has one of its abundance, Kwong Fung, Kwong of the East of this and other brands in the full implementation .

From the “custom car” to “Custom Service”

Auto consumers, as the hotel’s patrons, tastes different, difficult to reach. Exclusive model is a cooking technique in the Competition. With the customization blossom everywhere, custom models can bring more value-added is the key to success. For example, in Peng-feng, all vehicle owners to buy the Royal are free to join Peng will peak stylish Royal Group: In addition to enjoy REWARDS, maintenance, concessions and other value-added services. More importantly, the club members set up a collection for the business and recreational quality in one platform. The management of deep industry Automotive Center, Luo Nan, said, “We introduced ‘light version’ is by no means a simple fine packaging, in addition to the need to build according to the owner with a more cost-effective models, we pay more attention to the services’ package ‘. For instance, we launched the FAW Toyota extended warranty vehicle activities, this is definitely a first in Shenzhen. “” HSBC is a pilot, we also plan to implement in other brands.’ Sunshine Edition ‘owners will be accepted to more differentiated services. ”

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Heat Treatment Is A Must To Modify Metal

Heat treatment is a process to change the physical aspect of any material, and at times it alters the chemical properties also. The most common use of heat treatment happens to be in the field of metal works or metallurgy. Very interestingly, among non metallic materials, heat treatment is used in the manufacturing of glass products. Heating or chilling are the main activities involved in this treatment.

These processes are been performed in extreme temperatures. The procedure is meant for making modification in the form of the metal as desired, like making the material harder or softer. We can see that heat treatment as a process would need heating and cooling of metals. They are done to fulfill specific requirements by changing the physical and sometimes chemical properties. But, as a matter of fact heating and cooling take place in other parts of metallurgy too, but those heating and cooling procedures are not included in the heat treatment sector of metal works. Examples of such other activities which take place in the heat treatment company are processes like welding or hot forming.

Techniques practiced by a heat treatment company include various processes. Before that, let’s dig deeper into the details about the micro-structure of the metals. Metals bear umpteen micro-structures, and they appear as crystal grains are known as crystallites. All these grains accumulate together and make a unit of a micro-structure. The crystals vary in mass and size. The nature of these crystals point out towards the mechanical properties of a metal.

Heat treatment often brings changes in the rate of diffusion in metals and in turn change the cooling rate of the metals after they go through heavy heating procedures. The mechanical properties of alloys has great usability; hence the complex heat treatment procedures are been used by the metal workers to enhance the property of alloys. A super alloy, an essential in the aerospace industry, are made to undergo several heat treatments ranging from five or even more to get the desired results.

There are different processes through which metals are heat treated. These processes are discussed in brief in the following:

Hardening and Tempering: This process is also known as quenching. This method is usually undergone in case of steel or cast iron. For hardening a metal it has to be heated so much that it reaches its austenitic crystal phase, and then cooled down very quickly. Cooling of this metal depends on which kind of metal is being used. Liquid nitrogen to water, anything may be used to bring down the temperature of the metal depending on its properties.

Annealing: Annealing is process by which the cold works are found in the metals and it also helps to loosen the stress points of a metal. Metals become soft and ductile after going through annealing. When an annealed metal part is left to cool down in the furnace itself then that metal is said to have undergone full annealed heat treatment.

Precipitation Hardening: There are some metals which fall under this category of metals. When an alloy of such category is hardened, the alloying elements get stuck in a solution, and this result into the alloy turning into soft metal.

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Modified Car Forums: Finding The Right Solutions For Your Car Problems

Nowadays, you don’t always have to go to your mechanic when your car starts giving you issues. There are ways in which you can fix the problems on your own, if you have the right sources to refer to. A popular option that many car owners seem to like these days is that of modified car forums. Once you get involved with fixing small aspects of your vehicle, you are much more likely to be interested in fixing up the other problems associated with the vehicle as well. In the process of doing this, changing a lower rated component for a better rated one cannot be ruled out.

Understanding the engine aspects

If you are curious about the engine and what exactly makes it tick, then these modified car forums are the best place for you to go to. Not only will you get to properly understand what components need to be changed, but you might also be able to properly understand how exactly this makes a difference and what you stand to gain. Some new owners might need to be explained things in more detail than what the manual might provide, which can be obtained by visiting these forums.

Modifying physical appearance

The more important part that most people seem to be interested in learning about would probably be alterations to the body and making their vehicle stand out in the crowd. This is definitely a desirable thing to look into, but nevertheless, something that you would want to learn more about before getting involved with. In this manner, you would want to be careful about not removing something that would affect the stability of the car. Many of these modified car forums have detailed discussions regarding this, so that you can properly understand what you are changing.

Miscellaneous modifications

If you just thought that these modified car forums were all about discussion the usual modifications possible for your car, think again. There are certain discussions that discuss in great length about certain changes that can definitely make a big difference to how a car can behave. Hence, this is something that you would want to look into, if you haven’t done so already. There are certain tips and tricks that you can use to enhance the performance and even the appeal to your Car tuning. Many car owners make use of these in order to get the best out of their own vehicle.

Thus, you might need to search around a little bit in order to get the right kind of modified car forums suitable for answering the queries that you might have. Don’t give up the search midway though, since you might really need to look and check the things out before you could decide to go in for any particular solution. Even browsing through these forums might be a good idea, as you might stumble upon some fix that your manual simply did not have. There have been cases where minor alterations have led to dramatic changes in the performance of the vehicle.

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Who Modified The “burn” To Teach You To Save Money Conversion Method – Modified Car –

Appearance modifications: to be different have to save money
A lot of money, but very vulgar modified car fans will not be recognized. On the contrary, if you determined to spend a lot of money can make your car unique, so passers-Gee praise.

Install air spoiler components: “air turbulence component” that is commonly known as the siege of the modified form the main contents of the car, according to different materials, into glass, steel, resin, and ABS, prices higher and higher. From the economical point of view, select the first two materials can not only very pretty appearance also easy to repair. Note the time of purchase than the number of goods, generally less than 2,500 yuan can be buttoned, in addition, a good package as far as possible and the business about painting, but also can save a lot cost. Of course, for families to save money, the Big surrounded Not the best choice, in fact, surrounded and skirts to select some small cars can also get cool, but does not change the body structure not only can save more than half the cost.

Body Wrap: Body Wrap is the color of the shape modification, a vehicle without any modification of the body, if accompanied by a beautiful garland, also immediately became the focus of the road. Garlands overhead are very flexible, if the easy way from design to production can be specifically adapted to the whole shop, but spend a thousand dollars. But you are willing to spend some energy and thoughts, their own design or collection of icons, and then to the sign shop produced, then it cheaper.

Body trim: in Car There will be a variety of boutiques Car decoration Parts of some equipment in the car of their choice, such as metal decorations, Exhaust Cover, light eyebrows like, you can let the car striking a lot. However, the principle of installing car exterior is not much, and miscellaneous, just select a few samples, the finishing touch on the line, but will overshadow the more.

Modified to: do more with less
Car performance modification is a very specialized area of expertise if you do some modification, not less certain expenses, such as high-performance tires bell in a few thousand dollars, for the hundreds of million sets of brake systems, turbo the class at least, not a few million is not to think, but also must not be scared, in fact, cars have changed ways to save money, many small modification project costs, but the effect is obvious:

Intake modification: The most inexpensive is converted into the gas flow for the great, original style, you can make the car more smoothly into the air, on the dynamic has improved, fuel consumption is said to be on the decline. The key is that many high-volume style is clean and reused without extra cost is also less than the original style.

Minimum fee: Ignition system: replacement of high-performance Spark Plug Ignition system upgrade is the most direct way. Replacement of platinum and other precious metals will be more stable spark plug ignition, the dynamic has improved, and the spark plug life is also much higher than the original. Less than the minimum cost of 300 yuan.

Electronic Loop: the modification of electronic circuits can make the car more stable ignition can also protect the headlight audio and other electronic equipment to work properly. The main electronic circuit modification is to add Ground And regulators, both devices can be their own DIY, low cost less than 200. You can also buy the finished product, but also a very affordable price, a few hundred dollars can handle that.

Brake system: brake conversion is Modified car Important projects, professionals generally the primary vehicle to change is to change the brakes. But the huge brake conversion costs are not here to discuss. In fact enhance the braking performance is also a way to save money. Such as better quality replacement brake pads, cost several hundred dollars performance is obvious. In addition, the situation for the brake too hard, you can force installation of three-step brake booster system, generally at 300 yuan.

Handling performance: pre-installed anti-side bar (top bar) to increase frame rigidity and reducing body roll, not much overhead, as the materials are different at less than 300 yuan. In addition, now a popular add in the suspension springs on the cushion rubber, the price is cheap but can be strengthened for the spring to improve the car’s handling.

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