Modified Plastic

2009, the recession caused by financial crisis and the situation is completely different hot automobile market anomaly, the Government encourages the consumption of good policy car and car to the countryside and other activities is has fueled results. As the automotive industry in recent years, the rapid demand for plastic, plastic industry and the automotive industry in China has become “a prospering harmed” trend. Plastics industry turning to plastic modification, use of lighter, stronger, better auto parts to ease high oil prices, auto industry slump.

Car HC plastic mesh News: Modified plastic is in polymer (resin) addition of inorganic or organic small molecules, through physical or chemical action, in order to give a performance (mechanical processing performance) or to a performance improvement. Such as toughness, enhanced by plastic, flame retardant, etc., made through modification of plastics has become a rare feature, and this one should be in the car and Home Appliances Field application and development of modified plastic potential of the most significant.

Modified plastics is the most important automotive lightweight materials, parts and components not only reduces the quality of about 40%, but also can reduce procurement costs about 40%, so in recent years, a rapid increase in the amount of cars. Automotive interiors are now basically plastic-based, “Plastic in” development is driving a car with modified plastics in automotive applications continue toward a broader field of innovation.

Then present the main applications in the automotive plastics modified what, and in automotive parts application where is it? Are interested Jiugen Xiaobian together collecting about it!

I. Nylon Nylon used car engines and engine parts around the main variety is GFPA6, GF PA66 Enhance the flame-retardant PA6 and other products. (1) automobile engine peripheral parts of the application: As the main components around the engine heat and vibration components, the components used in the majority of glass fiber reinforced nylon material. This is because the nylon has good overall performance, with the modified glass fiber nylon, the main performance is greatly improved, such as strength, precision products, such as dimensional stability are greatly improved. In addition, the nylon variety, easier to recycle and reuse, and low costs, these factors contribute to the peripheral parts of nylon into the engine ideal material. Intake manifold is modified nylon in a typical vehicle application, BMW of Germany in 1990, the first glass fiber reinforced nylon as raw materials will be manufactured in the intake manifold used in six-cylinder engine; after Ford and DuPont company Cooperation Together with glass fiber reinforced PA66-made intake manifold used in V6 engine, after the world’s major car companies have followed suit, modified nylon intake manifold is widely used.

(2) In the application of automotive engine parts. Engine cover engine decorative cover, cylinder head covers and other components are generally the preferred material of modified nylon, and metal materials, compared to the cylinder head covered 50% of case quality and reduce cost by 30%. In addition to engine parts, the car’s other components can also be used by forces reinforced nylon, such as oil filters, wiper, radiator grille and so on. October 2009, DuPont nylon resins for the first time applied to Denso’s new automotive radiator end tanks. The project is DuPont can Recycled plastic Key parts in the engine the first time around, innovative applications, material properties sufficient heat under the hood and the stringent requirements of chemical corrosion.

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Household Appliances And Modification Of Plastic Raw Materials – Plastic Raw Materials Used In Home

A wide range of household appliances, their use can be divided into: kitchen appliances, home appliances, audio-visual appliances, air conditioning type electrical appliances, medical fitness, and other types of electrical household appliances. Plastic materials used in home appliances, about 90% of thermoplastics, thermosetting plastics rest; in thermoplastics, the most common plastics, such as: PP, PS, PVC, PE, etc.; engineering plastics are mainly used in ABS, AS, PA, PC, POM, PPO, PPS, PET, PBT, PMMA, LCP, PEEK, PSF, PUR, etc.. Thermosetting plastics usually include Bakelite, amino plastics and epoxy resins.

Recent years, PP has good overall performance for the price low, density and other characteristics of home appliances become the largest and fastest-growing amount of plastic varieties. Especially in recent years the development of alternative high-gloss ABS PP has received a large number of applications. PP is mainly used in household appliances production of washing machines in the internal and external tube, base, dehydration barrel, cover, TV shell, back cover, fans of the shell parts, refrigerator door lamps, transparent drawers and microwave ovens and other small Appliances shell pieces. At present, the amount in household appliances account for about 30%.

PS in the past mainly for the production of home appliances and transparent parts, and now was more for foam packaging materials; HIPS is often used to make refrigerator doors gall bladder, boxes of vegetables, meat tray, ice boxes, TV, computers, tape recorders, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones, keyboards and other household appliances in the shell, audio tape boxes, keyboard. In HIPS, the high gloss, high flow, resistance to environmental stress cracking of the fastest growing species.

PVC applications in home appliances small, generally being used as a refrigerator seal, and some small plastic pieces, but the PVC / ABS, PVC / PS alloys as low-cost alternative to ABS and HIPS can be used for TV shells, fans, hair dryer, washing machine drum, vacuum cleaners and other parts of the production of flame retardant requirements.

PE is mainly used for production of household appliances in the less demanding non-stress conditions, such as washing machines and vacuum cleaners bellows.

With engineering plastics in appliances, ABS dosage top of the list, mainly for the production of refrigerator lining, televisions, computers, audio recorders, air conditioners, vacuum cleaners, telephones, keyboards and other small appliances shell body and its internal structural parts. Among them, the appliances transparently in the external parts and pieces of internal transparency and the refrigerator is made with transparent ABS.

AS can be used to make the refrigerator vegetable tray, electrical switches, small appliances and other transparent items.

PC has the toughness for transparent, high and low temperature performance, with self-extinguishing and other characteristics, is used extensively for hair dryer, electric heater on high heat resistance and flame retardant transparent casing production. In addition, PC can also be used to produce high performance requirements of optical discs, PC / ABS alloy shell and so on were used for the production of mobile phones.

PA series is often used for home appliances in the gears, bearings and sliding parts of the production.

POM has good overall performance, in the past mainly for the production of household appliances gear, bushings and sliding parts. In recent years, POM alloy structural components in precision has been widely used.

Modified PPO is a heat-resistant engineering plastics, integrated performance is good, self-extinguishing, therefore, is often used to produce TV and radio parts, sockets, insulation support body, coil skeletons.

By fiber-reinforced PBT can be made after the skeleton coil, transformer housing, etc.; PET is primarily used as a substrate tapes. In recent years, PET prices are relatively low, making all kinds of PET blends with general-purpose plastics can substitute for other engineering plastics and in small home appliances has been widely used.

PPS, LCP, PEEK, etc. are generally used for the production of high precision heat-resistant structural parts, such as computer and connector.

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