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Body Correction is by some external force will be accident damage or repair of fatigue damage to the vehicle location technology standard factory “state” process. For the “state”, which contains two meanings. “Like” is more intuitive look and shape of the “state” is a more abstract concept of a deeper level, such as metal in accordance with the internal molecular structure will re-order the original location, the internal stress is completely released, etc. it is directly related to the function after the repair of vehicles and life. Structural equipment means the body in the car plays a major role in supporting and bearing components, is the installed base of body parts, common rails, beams, door-post and beam and other parts below. Such structures typically have very high strength, combined with structural mostly closed box section, it must be taken in the repair of the means and measures, use of reasonable repair process.

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Repair process in place as far as possible

Integral body correction should take place as far as possible repair methods. So that when pulled, can effectively part of the way around some of deformation “belt” out, but also because fewer components and save a lot of disassembly time. Figure 1a is a damaged front bar frame, the components for the closed box-section beam, which is connected by screws and front rails together. Typically, a lot of sheet metal Service Technicians will remove the frame after the correction, it is unscientific. Skeleton in the front bar by the impact, the impact force will cause the transmission of the front longitudinal deformation. After removing the fixed frame is not difficult to take appropriate corrective force of a moderate repair, while repair after complete skeleton on the front rail also need repair. Therefore, a better approach is to place repair, use the pull with a pair of impact deformation position to exert a force to ease the opposite direction, and then use a suitable pry bar, from the edge of an opening into it on the side of some of the skeleton Depression sites were repaired, it will get very good results.

, Of course, for non-load-type body structure parts often can be repaired using this method in place. Non-bearing-type body that is the traditional beam-type body and its frame is a separate component, usually thicker material, is “U” shaped steel or two “U” formed steel welded box reverse component, which has very high intensity. Usually can be divided into border-style ladder frame chassis and other types of bolts and the body through together. By the impact of such distortion in the frame, the usual repair method is to Drive Separate room and cargo compartment of the frame were removed after the correction. In fact, such a frame even after the removal of these components is difficult to have a good anchor method, so for some injury types of distortion can use the method of Figure 2a in place repair. Frame in the lateral bending produced by the impact can be an adequate strength of I-beam (rail steel) on the side of the vehicle, using the horse stool or wood to pad to the frame level with the use of chain the I-beam front and rear parts and the frame fixed, bend the top part of the hydraulic thrust of the method applied correction.

The same time, the method can be used to repair Figure 2b. Most cases this will bend the frame of a beam position from there, resulting in deformation of the beam at the same time. Once both sides of the beam bending in the middle did not occur when the beams should be used to separate hydraulic roof support on both sides of the bent part, to the original width, so that it can be used when applied thrust beams facilitates the transfer to another force side, easy to repair both sides simultaneously. For the upper and lower bending beams can also use this method, when corrected beam directly on the lower part of I-beam and using the same method can be repaired. However, correction should be as much as possible so that I-beam and the frame close to, in order to obtain a stable correction of force, use of chain and girders should be fixed with a suitable piece of wood or iron to prevent deformation.

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