Who Modified The “burn” To Teach You To Save Money Conversion Method – Modified Car –

Appearance modifications: to be different have to save money
A lot of money, but very vulgar modified car fans will not be recognized. On the contrary, if you determined to spend a lot of money can make your car unique, so passers-Gee praise.

Install air spoiler components: “air turbulence component” that is commonly known as the siege of the modified form the main contents of the car, according to different materials, into glass, steel, resin, and ABS, prices higher and higher. From the economical point of view, select the first two materials can not only very pretty appearance also easy to repair. Note the time of purchase than the number of goods, generally less than 2,500 yuan can be buttoned, in addition, a good package as far as possible and the business about painting, but also can save a lot cost. Of course, for families to save money, the Big surrounded Not the best choice, in fact, surrounded and skirts to select some small cars can also get cool, but does not change the body structure not only can save more than half the cost.

Body Wrap: Body Wrap is the color of the shape modification, a vehicle without any modification of the body, if accompanied by a beautiful garland, also immediately became the focus of the road. Garlands overhead are very flexible, if the easy way from design to production can be specifically adapted to the whole shop, but spend a thousand dollars. But you are willing to spend some energy and thoughts, their own design or collection of icons, and then to the sign shop produced, then it cheaper.

Body trim: in Car There will be a variety of boutiques Car decoration Parts of some equipment in the car of their choice, such as metal decorations, Exhaust Cover, light eyebrows like, you can let the car striking a lot. However, the principle of installing car exterior is not much, and miscellaneous, just select a few samples, the finishing touch on the line, but will overshadow the more.

Modified to: do more with less
Car performance modification is a very specialized area of expertise if you do some modification, not less certain expenses, such as high-performance tires bell in a few thousand dollars, for the hundreds of million sets of brake systems, turbo the class at least, not a few million is not to think, but also must not be scared, in fact, cars have changed ways to save money, many small modification project costs, but the effect is obvious:

Intake modification: The most inexpensive is converted into the gas flow for the great, original style, you can make the car more smoothly into the air, on the dynamic has improved, fuel consumption is said to be on the decline. The key is that many high-volume style is clean and reused without extra cost is also less than the original style.

Minimum fee: Ignition system: replacement of high-performance Spark Plug Ignition system upgrade is the most direct way. Replacement of platinum and other precious metals will be more stable spark plug ignition, the dynamic has improved, and the spark plug life is also much higher than the original. Less than the minimum cost of 300 yuan.

Electronic Loop: the modification of electronic circuits can make the car more stable ignition can also protect the headlight audio and other electronic equipment to work properly. The main electronic circuit modification is to add Ground And regulators, both devices can be their own DIY, low cost less than 200. You can also buy the finished product, but also a very affordable price, a few hundred dollars can handle that.

Brake system: brake conversion is Modified car Important projects, professionals generally the primary vehicle to change is to change the brakes. But the huge brake conversion costs are not here to discuss. In fact enhance the braking performance is also a way to save money. Such as better quality replacement brake pads, cost several hundred dollars performance is obvious. In addition, the situation for the brake too hard, you can force installation of three-step brake booster system, generally at 300 yuan.

Handling performance: pre-installed anti-side bar (top bar) to increase frame rigidity and reducing body roll, not much overhead, as the materials are different at less than 300 yuan. In addition, now a popular add in the suspension springs on the cushion rubber, the price is cheap but can be strengthened for the spring to improve the car’s handling.

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